Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Of quirks, idiosyncrasies and weirdness.

Do you have any personal idiosyncrasies?

Well, I have.

I guess I'm one of those people that has weird personal rules and regulations that must be followed in order to maintain some form of happiness and contentment with life. And here are they...

- I always leave out few things to store. I will leave a tiny slice of onion or a handful of uncooked spaghetti, a single piece of meat from the pack in the fridge. I will leave at least one chip in a bag, one sip of coffee in a cup, one little bite of a donut. Don't ask why. I don't know.

- I don't like milk and I cannot eat anything that has milk in it. Not than I am allergic to it, I just can't stand the smell of milk. No it's not even stale, but I don't know how my nose get so turned up when smelling milk. Ugh!

- I have a bed quirk. When lying in bed, I have to neatly fold a blanket, lengthwise, where I would lie down. Sometimes I did a wrong fold and I will get a bad vibe as soon as I lay down. It doesn't matter that my bed had a newly crisp bedcover on it, I just can't lay down without another blanket beneath my body.

- When travelling, I have this weird habit of reading signs, billboards, street signs, etc. I would strain my neck reading every single one, even those that are already familiar.

- I always carry a toothpick between my lips. I like pricking my gum with it, because I like the taste of blood in my mouth. No, that's too peculiar, maybe it's the movie "Twilight" I have watched. Hahaha, scratch that out!

-Yeah, I'm weird, I don't even have a reflection in the mirror now!

Ok, I'm going to stop or this will become queerer by the minute. Phew!

I expect you though to take up the cause and reveal your quirks in the comments, because, don't make me stand out here emotionally naked all alone.

Addendum: I hate, hate, when people try to "one up" your bad health, bad experiences or yes, even quirks. There is nothing more annoying than a person who says "You had a 104 fever? Pfft, I had a 105! My dire emergency was far worse than yours!"

Does everything have to be a god damn competition? I swear, it makes me want to bang someone head on the wall.

Except I can't stand the sight of blood. Yeah, another quirk, duh!


Angry American said...

Don't like milk or things made with milk huh? You said you love icecream. Where the hell do ya think they get the "cream" in icecream? (rolls eyes)

Anyway, I have so many quirks and such that everybody would fall asleep reading them all. So, I'll just follow the toothpick in mouth thing.

When I still had baby teeth, once they started to wiggle, it would drive me nuts. So, I would wrench them back and forth really hard and rip them out of the gums. Sometimes it took days though.

I donno why but, I kinda liked the sharp pain and the ripping sound when it finally let loose. If it took a couple days, I'd usually just get dull pain. I didn't really enjoy that too much.

I was also very fascinated by how the tooth was all worn down underneath. (did you ever see a monkey playing with a hand mirror?) Feeling the hole in my gums with my tongue was kind of interesting too.

Having a loose tooth kinda/sorta felt like "unfinished business". Since it was a baby tooth anyway, I felt like "I have to get rid of it. NOW!" I didn't want it sitting there wiggling forever, taking it's good old time to fall out.

Them were the days. 8)=

Now, I spend my time hoping the rest of my organs stay put. Although, if anybody needs a kidney, I'm willing to sell one cheap so I can buy airfare to the Philippines. :D

Siva said...

HAHA...odee ji we all have some different stuffs same us you..but i feel some things funny like when you go to bed if u feel u did wrong again back and do it...hahaha...and i would like u to see my blog i did some changes and i like ur feedback..enjoy your present ji..OM

Odette said...

ripping your teeth off with a wrench, and liking the pain??
ugh, that is sooooo gross!!!
omg, selling the only decent and functioning organ you have...
oops, did i hit a sensitive cord?

Odette said...

thanks for the comment ji. yes, i will check out your page and leave my message.

Tracey said...

Sweet jesus AA is completely doolally! Amy has loads of funny things she does, but thats up to her to reveal them!
Tracey x x x


Quirks, yup I own some:)
When showering I have a certain routine, and don't like to break it.
I have an evening routine of getting into my bed wear as soon as the sun goes down. I basically wear tracksuits or thermals to bed in case visitors come and see me. I don't want to appear slovenly.
I cannot leave my bedroom in the morning without making my bed.
If there is a bad smell in my home, I cannot relax at all until I have sought it out and annihilated it especially if it has woken me from sleep.

Angry American said...


(smacks self in forehead)

I didn't use a wrench, just my fingers. What do I look like a crack head? (don't answer that) :(

Odette said...

ok i got the message. i hope this one will work now. tell jen to try scribling anything so i wud know if it works coz i wonder why other's can while others cannot...

Odette said...

what if someone farted in the room while you sleep, wud that wake you up to? Lol

Odette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Odette said...

so ok, i stand corrected, you mean wrench your teeth back and force using lots of force - but still gross!

Odette said...

AA, yeah, you look like a crack head if you do that.

Angry American said...

How are you today Joe? Stop logging into Odette's accounts.

Odette said...

I'm fine, who are you to stop me from writing to odette's blog?

Odette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracey said...

We are behind you all the way. Stay strong, with love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

jen said...

Hi Odette!! Looks like I can finally leave a comment, so I'll share a few of my strange habits.

I almost always wear my hair up, because I hate the way it feels on my neck and face.

I run the water when I use the toilet...not sure why.

I always have to bring a bottle of moisturizer to the beach and put it on my feet after I walk in the sand. If not, I get that awful feeling that you get when someone scratches their fingernails on a chalkboard.

Anyhow, hope you are doing well.

Have a great week!


Boysie Gonzaga said...

How are you Odette!? Really funny post! Take care!

Cottage Rose said...

what is up? U ok? Thinking of you

Sid Brechin said...

People shouldn't complain about having their temperature taken to see how sick they were. That should be left to people who had liver temp taken to determine time of death.

Amy said...

Hey Odette...hope your ok.

I do some funny things like mum said...i have this thing that when i leave the house i have to count from 1-5 in english and italian then knock on wood 5 times.

when i see an ambulance i have to touch my collar then my nose (5 times!)

I am very obsessive about a clean house EVERYTHING has to be straight, even table mats and coasters, remote controls and cushions!

the list goes on!

thinking of you xxx

Odette said...

hahaha, such quirks and i thought i am weird already!
i am glad you can scibble your thoughts here now.

Odette said...

OMG, that indeed is peculiar!!
but thats why ita called personal quirks and idiosyncrasies, hahaha!
iam fine, dear...


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