Monday, March 30, 2009

Say it again, please???

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair was in Manila Last week. I don't know the purpose of his visit, but our president had proposed that he help bring peace to Mindanao.

Mindanao for those of you who don't know yet, is the seat of ceaseless struggle between the government and the radical Islamic groups in the Philippine island.

Say what?!! Why Tony Blair??? Oh, maybe it has to do with Blair having played a major part in hammering out the Belfast Agreement of 1998, which stopped the horrendous violence in Ireland.

Tracey, don't hate me, but I never admired Blair. I am sure that you too is aware how the government of John Major and Margaret Thatcher have reduced Britain to the status of an "American poodle".

But alas, Blair would be worse. I don’t know which is sillier, or more humiliating, being the poodle of Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton, or of George W. Bush.

Bush would probably be the prohibitive favorite.

The special relationship between the US and the UK has, in the last 12 years, brought about the deaths of thousands upon thousands of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Serbia. All this in pursuit of the US and UK moral crusade to bring peace and stability to the world.

Bush has said: “We will not allow the world’s worst weapons to remain in the hands of the world’s worst leaders.”

Yeah, quite right... Look in the mirror, chum. That’s you!!!

Good thing though that there was neither an invitation from Malacañang nor an offer from Blair to serve as the government’s adviser on the peace process, though he said he was willing to help.

We Filipinos should rely more on a workable and effective agreement that will bring sustainable peace and development to the southern Philippines. Only Filipinos who truly understand the origin of the conflict can bring peace to Mindano.

Not Blair, who will only resort to rhetoric, cliché and propaganda.


Tracey said...

Ha ha! agree with you, Blair is a ****! Brown even more so.

Amy said...

see...i knew you would change your blog background will be like me soon :). i like this one! xxxx

Odette said...

This may surprise you, but Britain remains one of the key investors in the Philippines, running neck and neck with the United States, Japan and South Korea.
Also there are at least 200,000 Filipinos living and working in the United Kingdom. Therefore, both countries are trying to enhance the relationship. I am not critical of your country nor your people...just the thought of Blair messing with our peace keeping effort, ok?

Odette said...

Yes! I stumble upon new blog skins and i simply can't help but try.
Last night i saw another one i want to try, but not very soon...although you will see it coming, hahaha!

Tracey said...

I do understand Odette, Our 'leaders' do tend to give us a bad name though!

The Acolyte Tao said...

Total background change. Now I'm a bee who has landed.
And out of curiosity, being a mother of three, how old are you?
I can honestly never tell when it comes to women of Asian descent, they all look so young compared to Caucasian and Negroid races.

Odette said...

oh women...we just love to pimp our page, hahaha!
i have old blogs where i tell my age, i'll send you the link, ok?

Tracey said...

I know...ha ha!

The Acolyte Tao said...

Hah, funny thing is I believe I have seen those post before, but I think it was before I started following your blog so you can't blame me. =P

I think I can honestly say, when looking at someone who I don't come in contact with in everyday life and know them, I can't tell their age at all. I honestly believe something isn't 'wired correctly' in that function of my brain. I just can't process their age? Strange to describe, I'll know if they're younger or older, I just can't process numbers to their age or looks. I'm broken. )= (But I did bust my head open twice, I can't say I'd be surprised if something was damage...)

Odette said...

really? then i am glad that you have also read my older posts.
but please don't be decieved by what your eyes can see. i know iam old and if i have lost my beauty, its becoz i have moved it from my face to my heart...
chika!(giggles and more giggles)

Angry American said...

If there's one thing the last 10 years alone has taught us it's that, when it comes to psychotic, and/or brainwashed Islamic religious fanatics hell bent on controling a section of land and groups of people, there's no such thing as peace. You either give them what they want, or "delete" them. Otherwise, sooner or later, really bad things are gonna happen.

What went down on 9/11 here in America, what's been goin on in the UK, as well as what just happened recently in your southern island, is only a small example of what I'm talking about.

Filipino culture or not, it's not a localized religious cult or muslims you're country is dealing with. They're radicals. You're talking about people with foreign ideals and influences, as well as global recources. Without really good global inteligence, and some assistance, you'll never be able to handle them by yourselves.

No matter what country they're in, or who's citizens they recuit, they don't play by our civilized rules.

I'm not good at telling age either (maybe it's a guy thing). But, as far as the broken brain thing, I was born drain bamaged so, I'm most likely quite a few steps ahead of you.

I can't prove it but, when I was a baby, I think a lot of the times I dropped my baby bottle, my mom must've spashed my head on the edge of the table when she bent down to pick it up. It's just a theory but, it sure explains a hell of a lot.

Angry American said...

BTW, that's supposed to be "smashed" in the last paragraph, not spashed. I don't even know what spashed means.

Amy said...

Hi Odette...mum said to explain how to get that orange button thing so that people can comment... you need to go into your comment settings and under comment form placement, select full page...then it will have the orange button so that hopefully people can comment.

Amy xxx


Odette your not old! Nor have you lost your beauty!!!


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