Friday, March 20, 2009

Gloating over little victories.

Every once in a while I enjoy the thrill that small victories provide. I know, some of it I just take for granted as they didn’t create much impact in my life. But when I do think about it, they are what get me through the work of life.

Sitting here in front of my pc made me ponder on some of those magic moments.

First that come to my mind is the joy of discovering a crumpled bill in my old pants. Wow, this can be very satisfying especially when I am short of cash. But of course, it pales in comparison with the spine-tingling thrill of spotting cash on the sidewalk before anyone else does. This combination of good vision, excellent instincts and lightning-fast reflexes definitely places the free-money in the category of small victories.

Don’t raise your eyebrows, but I think small victories sometimes require sacrificing a small creature. Oh sure, there’s something about the glory of the hunt that invigorates me - which is why I sometimes shout gleefully after killing a pesky mosquito with an irritating buzzing sound just when I am dozing off!

And what is more exhilarating than being proven right? As most of us don’t have all of the answers, then being proven right on a contentious topic is one of the most rewarding small victories I can achieve. This feeling can be especially sweet when it comes against a sharper or better-educated foe or a poor sport who positively despises being wrong.

The same holds true when I am able to come up with a witty comeback after being insulted. Yes, it is so glorious when every now and then, the planets align just perfectly to allow me to formulate a razor-sharp comeback that puts a snarling smart-ass firmly in his place. It doesn’t happen often, but small victories of this nature are worth celebrating.

Oh don’t hate me, but I do know that children are considered poor competition. After all, they’re small, they’re weak and they’re often wet in the pants with excitement or nervousness. And yet, there’s something oddly satisfying about defeating a little tyke. Ha ha. Regardless of whether it’s a muscle game or a bit of mind game played on a rainy day, it’s always nice to remind the little rugrats of their place in the pecking order. My old folks reveled in these types of small victories and it’s only fair to continue the cycle now that I am on the top of the food chain.

As you can see I am not the competitive type, and joining the Olympics has never crossed my mind. But for me who don't get to the world stage, well, I take my wins when I can find them.

How about you, what could make you feel victorious?


Tracey said...

I feel victorious if I sleep 3 hours! I have a very sharp tongue, no one puts one over on ME!!!!!
Love the new background, very cheery.
Love Tracey x x x

blue_butterfly said...

and i bet, if you get to convince AA to post his picture across his page, hahaha! But he is trembling just reading your suggestion.
thanks, but you see with the template iam using there aint much to choose from as they wont look nice streched and covered.

Angry American said...

Ok there's my pic. Better hurry cause it's only going to be there for a short time :D

blue_butterfly said...

Angry American,
sweet victory indeed...!!! wait, what's tom cruise doing there?

Tracey said...

Ha ha ha. thanks for letting me know Odette! That is one sure angry face! Now I'm victorious!


Your so good with words of wisdom. Had a chuckle at your post!!!
LOve Kirst xoxo

Angry American said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angry American said...

Angry hell. That's the look of concentration. I was trying to look into the cam while snapping a shot of myself at the same time. lol

That's what I call a little victory. 8)=

Prez of Es said...

"My old folks reveled in these types of small victories and it’s only fair to continue the cycle now that I am on the top of the food chain."

Ha ha too funny! Btw, love the new background.

Amy said...

A new background Odette?! Very will be changing it as often as i do soon haha!



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