Saturday, March 14, 2009

My date with Keanu.

When there is nothing good to watch on television, I would delve into my collection of DVDs and watch films I had already watch for the nth time. Tonight, it was Matrix. (Yes Tracey, you have your Mel I have my Keanu.)

Seeing this film once more made me ask the question that I had asked myself the first time I saw it: Is human life just a dream, from which we never really awake? Are we submerged by our feelings, by our loves and hates, by our ideas of good, bad, and beautiful? Are we incapable of knowing beyond those ideas and feelings?

Is the reality we know a reality imposed to us by nature? Is the reality and the meaning of life a creation of men, such as music, or love or colors?

But then science tells us that there isn't such things as music, harmony or colors in the physic world. Just traveling molecules. That there is no external hot or cold, but only different velocities of molecules. That there aren’t sounds, music or harmonies, but just variations in the pressure of the air. That there aren’t colors, or light, just electromagnetic waves.

Are we, and all living beings just survival machines, blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes? Is there any significance for life in a Universe of billions of stars that ignore us, and whose dimensions and nature overcome our understanding?

Anyway, whatever it is, the movie had altered my vision of the world. Of course, I believe in fate, but I think we all have a choice, whether to go down this path or that path. But mine definitely is not about saving the universe.

I know too that life is a head trip, and in order to understand it you need to be impartial and open to new things. Mostly, I think life is school. We keep learning until we die. A lot of people think they've learned all they need to learn, but they are wrong.

So, you tell me, are there green numbers running up and down my body?

Wait, is that a banana he is holding? See, even matrix has a glitch!


Tracey said...

The Matrix! you have to think too much to enjoy that film! Who knows what we are, or why we are here, but we aren't here for that make the most of it!!!


I love the matrix, such a good way to hide in escapism. It does make you wonder......great post
love Kirst

blue_butterfly said...

sometimes life poses a question why some things happen or why it didn't when we so want it. that our life is full of surprise make us want to be here when it happen.
nahhh, my question only persist during the movie run, but after viewing it, my brain automatically shuts off. i guess i am not the type who would dig my heels over something beyond my grasp.
cofee, anyone?

blue_butterfly said...

when life has become so hard to bear, escaping it is a wonderful option, but sadly we aren't in a movie...
but hey, lets sit close together and put on another film to watch. what would you want this time?

Tracey said...

Can I have Braveheart with my coffee PLEASE!

Tracey said...

PS I have put the word verification back on to see if it helps Jen!

blue_butterfly said...

yes tracey, i did write in jen's blog that i'll gonna put back the word verification but then forgot about it.
thanks for reminding me...!

Sid Brechin said...

Tracey's comment had me laugh. When Braveheart came out being a history buff and Scottish by ancestry I was barraged with how much was true and how much Hollywood?

So a couple trues vs Hollywood. The romance with the princess. In real life she was 3 years old at the time so Hollywood.

The guy traveling with Wallace who always said he was king of Ireland. This was not a surprise for me as that is a matter of historical record. Even no one knowing he really was King of Ireland. The Irish charging and changing sides was part of the strategy the two of them had worked out and worked well.

The Scots mooning the English. Why we recorded it must have something to say about our collective sense of humor but that is on record.

Wallace almost killing Robert the Bruce. That has been passed down since the time in Anedotal form. It may or may not be true. I did hear the story comes from Robert the Bruce but can't say if it is true or not.

Wallace was so feared by the English he was hung drawn and quartered. The punishment was invented for him. His Head and each of the quarters of his body were buried in different cities.

The film has Edward die in bed at the same time Wallace dies. In fact he died two years later on the way to Scotland to Fight the Army Robert the Bruce raised following the death of Wallace.

The Scots won that battle and independence from England.

Keanu Reeves grew up in Downtown Toronto. My daughter went to the same public school he had. ( he was long graduated when she went there but still on occasion dropped by to visit with some of his former teachers ). He did not grow up wealthy his parents I think taught at the University of Toronto. Their apartment was above a Music studio and sometimes the Musician who rented it would babysit him till his parents got home. This is the interesting part. The musician was none other then Alice Cooper.

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