Sunday, March 8, 2009

A must-learn for me.

Having lived in Asia, I grew up watching Chinese movies. Of course, the dubbing is funny and so are the accent, but then it's not the sound that excites us young viewers, but the actions - the flying, the kicks, the different karate styles, etc.

But with over a hundred martial arts movies I have watched, you would ask, have I ever learned a single technique on self defense?

Sad, but no, I havent. Although now I realize that it is never too late to learn a few techniques as violence is all over the spectrum, and it could happen to anyone. There is no age limit to it. Everyone of us can become a victim because the bad guys prey on weaker people. Although I could say that women are at a higher risk because women seem more vulnerable most of the time.

And besides crime can happen in any area too. In fact,there are no known crime areas, except maybe in Cleveland Ohio ( Imao, just joking Ray!), coz there are bad parts of every town that we go to. Crime can happen in a grocery parking lot or in a public toilet, or just about anywhere!

So ok, we try to assure our safety by moving into nicer areas and shopping in nicer malls and sending our kids to nicer schools but still that doesn't guarantee that crime is not going to happen. In fact, there is no exact time for criminals. They work when they feel like working.

I was told that in a real crime situation, an attack could be over within a few short seconds. And these seconds are filled with panic, chaos and confusion, and one won't have time to think at this point. Therefore, those flashy self defense moves in movies I have seen like flying kicks and acrobatic stunts while taking out 10 opponents simultaneously only look good on screen, but not in the reality of a violent attack.

So, woe to me, I don't know any of those self defense moves. So how will I survive when faced with such danger? What tool should I be carrying in my purse that I can use to defend myself? Gun is a no-no, and "chako" is heavy and big, and so is an escrima stick, Ray!

But I do know that the best self defense is not being there in the first place.

And the second-best self defense technique is to run.


Tracey said...

What i hate is when the elderly are mugged, sometimes just for a few pounds. I'd like to think I could defend myself, but until it happens I suppose you can never be sure.
Did you do this post at work?
Love Tracey x x x

Angry American said...

Tracey, if I could show you footage of what happens to our elderly durring some muggings and car jackings, it might make you cry. Unfortunately, what happens here in Cleveland is only a smaller version of what happens in the big cities (I donno if that's a good thing or bad).

Odette, as far as escrema sticks and nunchukas, they fit in pants pockets (front and back) very nicely untill you sit down. Then, you might hear a ripping sound or, it can get very painful. Don't ask me how I know these things. :(

blue_butterfly said...

aren't we already in the category of the "eldelry"? or is it yet safe to say that we can still manage do some killer kick and punch?

Angry American,
i think i do, hahaha! but any lady will lose her poise when seen with a peace of wood sticking out of her pocket be it front or back, unless, she is in her ninja clothing complete with a yin-yang print.

Tracey said...

Odette, I think we are 'middle age' so I'm sure we could try and fight! If I had a truncheon with me, and I was attacked, I know where I would stick IT!!!!!

Angry American said... that an escrema stick in my pocket or am I just happy to see you? :D

I only WISH it were half that long and thick :(

Tracey said...

Don't most men!! xx


Carry car keys hun, and scream like a banshee then run!! Always carry a cell phone too. ooops that sounds too much like mwah lol.
I hope you never have to do any of that!!!
Love Kirst xox

The Acolyte Tao said...

I learned three tricks of self defense. When a you know is up to no good is approaching you and when they get close enough and their leg is flat, extending while walking, kick their knee back and you'll have shattered their leg and will never be able to use it correctly again, hence it being shattered and bent completely backwards.
Secondly, if you use your palm and hit them straight up from under their nose, you will push a bone from their nose straight up into their brain, thus killing them...
Thirdly, always carry a pen, self explanatory.

But also, you can buy keychain mace since the three above are a little somewhat extreme in most cases...

Sid Brechin said...

Speaking as someone who has the bad habit of running to rather than away from trouble ( Army drills it in ). I have more experience then I like to admit with violence. What The Acolyte said about the knee is very right no one can walk with a broken knee. Becomes a problem of Physics and as Scotty on Star Trek says "You cannot change the laws of Physics." As for the nose that is VERY wrong. The nose is cartiliege not a bone at all. Ever see a skull with a nose. It cannot penetrate the skull. Every watch boxing of any kind. It hurts like heck but will at best cause watery eyes and pain.

I recommend this for those with zero training. get a container with a lid you can snap off with one thumb but unlikely to come off by accident. Fill it with Cayanne pepper, powdered wasabi, chili powder, your choice of very hot spices. If you suspect trouble get it ready and throw into opponents face. A spice jar labled hot spice is never an illegal weapon. But it works, a full jar can be used a few times. One cavet. Wind direction do not use it if you are downwind. I have seen that happen once. It was being used to stop an attacking dog. The dog did run off but not from the spice but scared by the screams of the man who just got the spice blown back in his face. He needed a trip to the hospital.
If you are going to get a store bought version get one with an unwashable dye. That way the police can pick him up at the hospital.

amna said...

phewww..can't do any of these self defense, i don't even know how to punch properly..i can pull hair, maybe..i'll just run and scream!

blue_butterfly said...

The Acolyte Tao,
yes that's very practical but only when the attacker is close enough for me to kick or punch in the nose. i will defenitely remember this though...

your alternative pepper, wasabi and chili spray is very good!

hahaha, yes as i said the second best defense is to run.


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