Friday, March 6, 2009

Technology without limit.

I know my beliefs are old school, kinda.

I believe that having children is a gift that comes with challenges, happiness, and disappointments. I also believe we are all GOD's children and we where made for his purpose, therefore we should not be trying to engineer children for our purpose, as this is a form of selfishness.

But scanning through the net today I stumbled upon an article, where a Los Angeles based fertility clinic says it is ready to deliver the world's first designer's baby. The technology, which relies on genetic screening processes, allows parents to choose the sex, eye color, skin tone, hair color, and other attributes of their newborn -- at a cost of $18,000.

I was mortified beyond belief! What has happened to people's virtues?!!

Damn, this is one small step towards complete altercation of humans in general. I don't know, but if you design the baby before it is born, it's like we are taking away the originality of that person. I guess its sort of like, they become a ''product'' and not a person created by their parents. They now become artificial in a sense of having chosen attributes, since they do not have the attributes that they were given naturally.

What is even more appalling is that though the clinic says that they can't guarantee a 100% success rate, many hopeful parents-to-be are reportedly queuing up for the privilege of eliminating serendipity from the birth process.

Phew, I can't wait for this to go all wrong and people end up with kids who have 2 heads or something like that or the practice gets sued because their baby didn't come out looking right.

Just imagine when one of the designer's baby end up looking like Michael Jackson. Who would want that for their kids, huh?

Is this even ethical? Tell me your views on this.


Tracey said...

I totally agree with you on this, It's disgusting, There are thousands of women who are unable to have a child at all, who would give their back teeth for a baby whatever it looked like, then there are these rich idiots! God it makes me mad.....
Tracey xxx

Sid Brechin said...

Everyone should watch the film Gattaca which is about this.

The films tagline in the ad is there is no gene for the human spirit.

It is one thing to engineer cures or treatments for disease or things like MS. Completely another to manipulate nature so you child matches your handbag and shoes.

Angry American said...

Holy Shiznit! If I had a kid that turned out like that I'd kill the damn thing and burn it out back behind the shed. Although, with my genes, the poor kid wouldn't need too much "tweaking" to get that messed up in the first place. lmao.

Thank god I never had kids. :(

Tracey said...

Ha ha! That Angry American makes me laugh so much!!!

blue_butterfly said...

@ angry american,
that's too extreme but i know you are just goofing.

he did wrote a comment on your blog(bi-polar) and it's quite a book 'coz it took him so long to finish writing it. but alas, blogger mess it up. and he couldn't post it despite several tries.
and as expected with people with bp - they get bonked easily and just gave up! (sigh)

amna said...

it's sickening to think about, what is the long term effect on this to the altered kid..we should not consider this kind of craziness nor think about it. i never had a kid of my own despite of long years of attempts,medical help, etc. and was always frustrated at the end, eventually i gave up and accepted my fate. we can't have everything what we wanted in this world and there are things that are not meant to be.. it's God's well.


I agree, what are we trying to breed a super race?
I saw valkyrie, and it reminds us all what can happen when we want to only have a certain type of species. Cant we just be happy with the beautiful child we are born with?

blue_butterfly said...

i am happy to see you're back. Hugs!
hey i didn't know you don't have kids. but don't get sad. common sense tells us that every human-being is equally valuable. besides, fertility is merely a medical issue, therefore we cannot use children as benchmarks for measuring a woman's worth.

maybe some parents have become obsessed with perfection but this only alters the physical aspect, what they cannot change is the biological make up of the child. if the child end up with psychological illness, then her/his physical attributes wouldn't mean much, would it?

you are right, we shouldn't compare our kids to fashion accessories. Lol!

Boysie Gonzaga said...

It is not wise to tamper with God's handiwork. I'd rather adopt babies from hunger stricken Darfur or war torn Palestine than raising a kid made out from some laboratory cookbook recipe.

blue_butterfly said...

"laboratory cookbook recipe" - that is funny!

Angry American said...

Hey now Odette...

Just because Blogger likes to play mind games with us short bus riders doesn't mean I give up everytime it brainfarts. grrrrrr...


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