Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To snow or not to snow.

Having lived in a country where the sun is always shining, I have longed for snow.

As a kid, I have dreamed of burying myself in the snow and frolicking in it like those kids I saw in English movies. I so love the way those kids look when they’re bundled up in their little snowsuits. I envy too that they always have such beautiful rosy cheeks which is brought about by the frosty air. Of course, it is so much easier to breathe cold, crisp air than hot, heavy air!

Even in my adult life I had wished I am watching a snowfall through my window while sipping hot cocoa. I thought nothing could be cozier than sitting before a warm fire on a cold winter’s night. And I can think of lots of hot, hearty meals that would go great with cold weather. Indeed, I thought living through a cold climate would be a blast!

Until I had talked to people who had to endure it. They say that living through the winter season is a real challenge. Not only because one can be much more inclined to become arthritic, or be haunted by respiratory problems, bronchitis or pneumonia. But also because snow removal can be burdensome, and there are some health risks involved.

They say too that if the temperature dips too low, you have to be mindful of the possibility of frostbite. Chapped skin can also be an ongoing problem so one must be prepared with plenty of lip balm. Besides many layers of clothing can inhibit one's ability to move quickly - if need be. Another irritants is power outages which can be frequent and lengthy, therefore back-up plans are always necessary!

A friend claimed that if one is planning to travel, or are expecting guests, excessive snow can ruin any plan. They also said that one need to gauge the amount of time he/she will spend outdoors as prolonged exposure can be hazardous as extreme cold can pose other health hazards, especially for heart and respiratory patients.

Oh, I told myself I can handle all that. Even when I am small and not really cold tolerant, I told myself I can very well deal with such nuisances.

But then nothing prepared me with the other illness that comes with winter. From my chat with Sid I have learned that passing seasons change the habits and moods of people. During winter months, a gloominess which they call winter blues, February blahs, Holiday depression or doldrums is noted among people.

With the severest cases of this type of depression diagnosed as seasonal affective disorder(SAD). According to Sid, people who are inflicted with this illness tend to sleep more, is always tired, depressed, and feel physical aches.

Now wait a minute, that doesn't seem comforting! Will I thrive in this weather? Given the choice between slush and 20 degrees below zero... or sun and birds and flowers and sun and warmth and sun.... hmmmmm.



I like your new profile picture:)
I sometimes prefer winter over really hot days. because it can be hard to escape the heat at times, but in winter you can always warm up.
I am one of those people who get stiffer over winter, but I love creating a cosy cave like environment, watch some good movies, hear the rain thundering down upon the city, cleansing it:)

blue_butterfly said...

Hey, thanks Kirst!
I think people can be put into two categories when it comes to weather: winter folks and summer folks. i am sure the level of comfort, energy and all around contentment play an important role in the type of category that one will fit into.
besides human beings are adaptable creatures and can pretty much adjust to any changes that need to be made.
so yes, maybe i can too! hahaha.

Tracey said...

I prefer to try and warm up...than try to cool down, I love all the snow, but not when my family have to drive in it, it's so dangerous.
Does it ever get cold there Odette?
Lots of love Tracey x x x

Tracey said...

P. S. Have you ever been to the UK? Wanna come? You are welcome to visit any time......

blue_butterfly said...

No Tracey, the coldest we have here is around 22deg centigrade although in some parts it could be as low as 17 degrees C.
I can't stand the cold, but during summer I wish it would rain snow! hahaha.
You see snow always fascinates me, it seemed magical with everyting white around you.Plus the gloom or the mysterious danger that it projects.
and then the wait....for that first ray of sunlight....magical!

hey, thanks for the invite! i would most certainly consider it. And no, i haven't been to the UK, yet.

Angry American said...

After 40 years of this sh*t, I'm sure glad I'm moving to the Philippines. Yeah, I'll miss the changing of seasons and white x-mas but, I can live without -10 degree wind chill while shoveling show just to get out of the driveway.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

New blog colours... nice :)
I have lived in the UK, and the warmer, sticky humid far north of NZ, and further south in the cold dry alpine town of Queenstown. But I live in Christchurch now because i get colourful springs, warm summers, real autumns, and cool, but not overly cold, winters, with occasional snow. Four seasons... so I can appreciate the best of all of them. And I like it :)

Amy said...

I Love your blog background and your profile picture is lovely Odette xxx

blue_butterfly said...

actually amy, i did a blunder yesterday.
i dont know why the background i wanted to use are always streched thus it won't show everything.
so i decided to change my template, and boom, everything i had was lost except for the blog post. all the gadget i had added in my sidebars are gone!
i was so upset. but i was glad i was able to retrieve it, although it is still streched but i gave up trying to correct it for fear of losing again those items i had added to my page
i am so techy naive, or maybe ignorant is the right word. Lol.


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