Friday, March 27, 2009

The questions... your answer.

Sure, we dont make a conscious decision to live forever. But somehow we dedicate our life to getting what we think we want. We live in the conditioned wants of family, and in the manufactured wants of society.

We spend our lives invested in second-hand desires...

1. Is your life going the way you want it to go?
2. Are you currently pursuing your dreams, living life with purpose and passion?
3. Is your life all it could be, all it should be and more?
4. Or is there something missing?
5. Are there things you'd dearly love to change but have never got around to changing?

My Answers:
1. No it doesn't at the moment. It's a continuing process.
2. I would like to think that I am.
3. All it could be - no. All it should be - hell no!
4. Yeah, reaching my dreams.
5. I am motivated by the mere thought and hope that the other side of the fence exist and I am empowered to make that jump when I wishes to.

Ok guys, now it's your turn to answer these 5 questions.


The Acolyte Tao said...

1. Yes, continually growing is all I could ask for.
2. No dreams, but living with a purpose and a passion for knowledge, my only passion.
3. It can always be more and always will be, always gotta grow in all aspects!
4. No, continually growing, all I can ask for! As long as I learn something from every situation I'm put in life, I'm 100% satisfied.
5. No, because I just changed it three days ago. =P

blue_butterfly said...

blessed are you who have a thirst for knowledge, coz you will grow into a better man and learn new ways to think and live.

Angry American said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angry American said...


1) No comment

2) No Comment

3) No Comment

4) No Comment

5) No Comment

Tracey said...

OMG! He is so strange! ha ha!
I will do a post later today and answer these questions. I replied to your comment on my blog Odette. I'm freezing cold and pissed off with this weather!
Love Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxx

blue_butterfly said...

comment posts are meant to write a comment and not a "NO COMMENT", duh!

just wrap yourself up with thick clothing and curl in the sofa with a hot coffee and a laptop in in your lap. you'll be fine!


Hi Hun wow this sure made me think............
1.Im striving to make it better, and am grateful for what I have.

2.I am now, though its a struggle.

3.Not yet:)But I do have inner peace.

4. Some things need work.

5.I'm always changing....hopefully for the better.

blue_butterfly said...

hi Kirst,
i am happy about the "inner peace"!
i just thought about this post as it is sometimes nice to be asked and have a good perspective of our life, no?

Siva said...

Namaste ji..
1.Yes it is..because i know how to handel it..but some time it's not..hehe
2.Not exactly abput dream..but truely living with purpose and passion..with out purpose and passion according to me Life is like a stone
3.all it should be
4.I guess alot of things always people will miss in some situation..but if we have to miss then it's no problem..
5.What i have is great for me..all gods grace..So everythings is undercontrol..HEHE

Siva said...

Ji..i would like to say...your blog amazing many peoples comment and make you to write alot..they just encourage you..very good ji

blue_butterfly said...

i am glad that you are satisfied and contented with your life right now. hope things will always be according to your plan...
i never fail to visit your blog too, ji.

Angry American said...

I did't want to answer these but, my arm has been twisted.

1)I can't believe you asked that.

2)Going insane trying.


4)Hell yes. Lots

5)Too late now. Time to move on.

Nuff said

Odette said...

thanks, its comforting to know you have an answer to these questions...

Sid Brechin said...

1. Is your life going the way you want it to go?

A: Life goes forward which probably better than the alternatives.

2. Are you currently pursuing your dreams, living life with purpose and passion?

A: I don't know if we can ever not pursue out dreams to some extent. I usually have a purpose but often don't think about what it is. Passion I seem to have a reasonable control of. Not all passions are postive. Anger for example.

I was commenting to a friend earlier. I often do things without thinking. I don't worry about that however. I go through a great deal of my life on "autopilot". The reason I don't worry about it is I wrote the program. I don't to think out what do I do now because I thought in the past what would I do if? So now I tend to do right away the same thing I would do if I had a month to think about it.

I guess the military at a young age taught me how to create conditioned reflexes in myself. Over time I expanded and updated the program to incorporate anything I could anticipate as a possiblility happening.

3. Is your life all it could be, all it should be and more?

No. I am far from perfect. I guess I could say I am what I want to be. I don't have all the skills I would like to have but I work on those. I really don't think. Humans have any limits.

4. Or is there something missing?

Of course there is a great deal missing. However I prefer counting my blessings to my wants. My needs to be honest are pretty well taken care of.

5. Are there things you'd dearly love to change but have never got around to changing?

Yup. I'd like to be taller, better looking, younger, smarter, wealthier, healthier and more talented.

Heels could take care of taller but I'm not into cross dressing.

Better looking I guess plastic surgery could take care of that but my ancestory is Scottish on all sides so no way I am going to waste my money on anything that foolish.

Younger? It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

Smarter? to be honest I would be happier with being less likely to do stupid things. However doing stupid things can be lots of fun.

Wealthier? I have my needs covered anything more is just being greedy.

Healthier. I am working on.

More talent. I think talent may be another way of saying someone has already done all the hard work it took to learn something. I keep trying to learn more things and doing the work it takes to learn it.

Sid Brechin said...

btw I do intend to live forever or die trying.

My Mother says that is no problem as I can already be very trying. Especially on people's nerves and patience.

Tracey said...

Love the New Look blog! you are trying to keep up with Amy!!!!!!!
Love Tracey x x x

Odette said...

you always has a wonderful answers to all the questions...
iam truly looking forward to your every comment as they never fail to give me practical knowledge and wisdom.


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