Monday, June 27, 2011

Cheap treasures.

Talk about a treasure hunt?

Only one place will always come to my mind - thrift store!

Looking in thrift stores is an ultimate thrill. I always go in looking for anything cool, fun and edgy. Sure it can be a bit overwhelming seeing so many things all at once.

Yeah, I know any classy department store have the same effect, except this one doesn't make you spend more.

I would normally start at one rack and slowly work my way down the other. But who ever said that searching for treasure was easy?

But it become easier if I go with my favorite shopping buddy. I always go with my mom or our friend Linda. Of course it's not always that I find stuff I want, but there have been other times when I found the piece of my dreams. I found this one wallet which has never been use because it was still wrapped in its original paper and I have been looking for one where I can put all my cards and what-nots.

When I do find something I love, it is like it was waiting for me all along.

I can't wait for my next hunting expedition...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friends forever.

I know my blog had been dormant for a long while, sorry. But things had been very hectic here the past days. Fortunately it is settling down nicely hence I can again find time to write.

What happened today inspires me to start writing again.

You see, I just exchange messages today to an old pal I have not been in touch with for a very long time.

Someone from my town. Someone I've been friend with before I moved to the city.

Like most anyone, as I leave my old town to dive into my career and pursue the path to dream fulfillment, I also left my old friends behind in the dust for a while. Maybe it's because I met new friends that fit more readily into my new life.

But now I realize that somehow they are never good replacements for the ones I grew up with. They may have the ability to share a future full of laughter and fun with me, but they will never have the history that my old chums have with me.

Fortunately, there often comes a time when I and my old pals get back in touch with one another and rebuild the friendship. That's why I always like attending high school reunions. And there is one looming in 2013, yehey!

Indeed, it's amazing how my friends and I seem to understand what happened, so there is no need to apologize or explain. We can simply go on, picking up right where we left off years ago.

I am thankful that I remain friends with several of my own friends from youth, even though we had that typical break in the middle. For the most part, we live quite a distance from one another, but with the age of technology, we are able to keep in touch and continue the relationships with ease. An email every now and again goes a long way in letting them know that I am thinking of them and we keep each other abreast of what's going on our life. Whenever we do, we fall right back into the old patterns of the friendship and we never seem to miss a beat.

As we chat and catch up, retelling the stories of our childhoods together, I feel the freedom and the love that is only existent among old friends. Even if the days are busy, I still make the time to nurture these relationships in the simplest of ways.

I do this because they are the truly important ones.

And there is no greater reward than a dear, old friend.


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