Thursday, October 21, 2010


The only things I need in life are air, water and food. Or so I think.

Well I do know I don't need a diamond ring. But then Ken gave me one to make the engagement valid not only for the world to see but also for me to know that he is truly going to go forth with the commitment of marriage. We are forging a life together. Which mean I will no longer be alone because we will stand strong as a united front against the world.

When something bad would happen in my life he is the only person that I would turn to, and I know that he felt the same way.

When I saw the ring, it was like- Wow! This is real!

Ok, I'll be honest. He made me picked the ring. But I have never gone through the process before, and I find it insane to have to wear daily something so expensive! I knew I won't be able to wear such jewelry in Manila or I'll get my finger cut off if a robber sees it. No one wear a genuine jewelry in the streets of Manila for fear of being robbed or worst, die of it.

So, what do I do? As far as I am concern, this ring symbolizes a lifetime of unconditional, and immeasurable love. I can't compare a lifetime of love to the size of the diamond. The quality of love is priceless.

However, they do say a diamond symbolizes forever. That is why I got a diamond engagement ring when he pops the big proposal and I know this is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life.

How did he proposed? It was very sweet and a very "his" type of proposal.

I had always thought one had to get engaged in a fancy restaurant or in a very special place for the couple. But no, he pops the question while we are seated inside the car while driving around town aimlessly.

Oh well, I now know that its still just as special if you get engaged sitting in the car in front of fields of corn and beans!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boys to men.

Let me make this clear. I have nothing against men. I love the men in my life - my sons. Sometimes though, they puzzled me. They seem to live right on the borders of common sense, logic and deductive reasoning.

I have always wanted a son. I prayed and prayed for a baby boy when I found out I would be blessed with new life. Oh, I was so happy when they placed my precious little man in my arms. But it wasn't long after that beautiful moment that he peed all over me. And I soon found out that baby boys pee on their mothers often. As soon as you wise up and figure out how to shield yourself, they begin to master projectile vomiting! I was totally unprepared to see my infant child play out a scene from the Exorcist.

Thank goodness they outgrow it.

No, that's a lie. I just lied to you. They do not outgrow it, they perfected it!

It's not long before they are no longer content to pee on you, the parent. They often choose to pee anywhere and everywhere. When they graduate from diapers to big boy pants their target of choice is the toilet seat, the wall behind the toilet or the floor around it and sometimes the dog.

As my boys mature, they do not always seem to understand the necessity of clean clothing. If allowed, they will wear the same socks for a week. Pants and shirts that emit low odor vapors are still acceptable to them. They will wear jeans that show off their skivvies and consider the undergarment as simply a patch covering the hole from the inside.

Of course, they care about their appearance that's why they use deodorant beneath a less than fresh shirt. They trim their fingernails and toenails, leaving the clippings wherever they may fall, and they will wipe the crumbs from their shirt before leaving the table. Again, leaving them where they fall.

Another irritating thing is that my three boys leave their shoes anywhere and it is certain that if I am there, I will trip over them. My sister complained that when they finally decided a garment is no longer wearable they will deposit it on the floor just a few feet away from the hamper. I get an earful from my sister about how fast my boys pile up soiled clothes and how messy their room is. But what can I do? I am thousand of miles away and I could not bitch at them?

But hey, what would me and my sister talk about if the world where perfect? We need my boys to keep us entertained. I give birth to them, I love them, I tolerate them and I thank God for them. (Wait till mama comes home)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A picture-book, no more.

This to me is the magical time of the year - Autumn. First, because I seem to be happier. Maybe because it is not too hot, and not too cold during the day. I dreaded night time though because then the temperature falls dramatically.

However, along with the temperature change also came a flurry of activities. The farmers are busy putting in their harvest of corn and soybeans and all along the sides of the roads you will see the left overs of the process of harvest. Then comes a splash of new color here and there. A little red here, a little orange there, and yellows everywhere. The new colors trigger the thoughts and puts me in a different frame of mind. For some reason, I forgot about my fear of winter because the beautiful scenery has become the main attraction.

I am very happy when Ken took me last Monday on a long road trip to the northern part of Minnesota so I can see the burst of colors. They say the color of the leaves there are peaking so fast that if we blink we may miss it. So off we go, without much of a plan as to where the road will take us. He just thought we should go to Duluth and just follow nature's trail from there.

It was a sight to behold! Nature's palette definitely had a designer. Oranges, from burnt-orange to orange-yellow. Yellows, from buttery-yellow to butterscotch. Brick-red, fire-red, and brown. Then there is the generous amounts of copper, bronze, and gold which can make any man feel rich. The colors are so rich, in fact, that they become too rich for the tree, hence they shed them.

From the car my eyes feasted on the drifting beauty before me. I hum a tune as the car coast along lakes, rivers and mountains all displaying festivities of color. The green seems out of place, but I guess being admonished by the proud yellows for not yet being in costume. Today, we found ourselves coasting along a motorized-deserted road. It seems nature just did a show for only the two of us! It was breath-taking at the same time amazing at how one can get an adrenalin rush just by watching as simple as the turning of the leaves.

I hope that you too can grab the front seat to this awesome show. Take a minute to look out from your window as this beauty will soon fade into obscurity.

Oh, let me mention that we were pleasantly surprise to find a little cozy bistro in Rush City that served very good food. And to top it, they got mango frosty which gave me a taste of home. Perfect!


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