Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On who's authority?

No matter who we are or what we have, we’re going to have to answer to some sort of higher power. And despite my position in the company, I always have to serve somebody higher than me. It’s tough to have to answer to anybody, but it’s one of those inevitable aspects of life we struggle to accept. In some cases, we are merely paying our dues, and in others we are going through the unavoidable. However, just because you have to answer to them, doesn’t mean we have to lose our dignity. Rather, we just have to learn how to deal with all the different types of authority.

In my country where corruption is rampant, there’s a thin line between a cop and a criminal. But that sole differentiation is a dangerous one as the cops got the law on their side. They can be irrational, they can abuse their power, but believe me you cannot beat them. The only thing you can do is smile and make nice. More often than not we’ll get out of more tickets complimenting the policeman on his shiny boots than we will by arguing our case for a non-existent traffic violation.

I don’t like having to give half of my income to the Bureau of Internal Revenue( IRS to you), that’s why I don’t. But you can’t cheat this authority figure for long. However, thanks to the generous loopholes offered by the Philippine government, I can legally deny this entity quite a bit of my income. I don’t get angry, I get smart. Ha, ha ,ha!

Unlike most authority figures, the boss is one who can easily be bypassed. There are only so many times you can grab your ankles and smile. If you’re having trouble with a boss who fails to appreciate the importance of a good employee, then simply find the other co-workers who share your frustration. Think of it as forming a micro-union. But then I am so thankful that my new boss is so much different from the previous one.

Like you, I have never seen a burning bush, and I never walked on water. But there’s still a part of me that thinks this authority figure is up there. And to be honest, although the atheists have a case, I don’t see the point in taking a chance. I am a Catholic and I adhere to my church teachings.

One of the most frequently overlooked authoritative body is that of our own. I know that sounds corny, but before you light the incense and get into a yoga position, hear me out. We can avoid answering to some of the higher powers that be, but we can’t avoid answering to ourselves. If you’re that type who treat friends and family like dirt, there’s going to come a point when you can’t stand the person you see in the mirror anymore. You can lie and make excuses for such behavior, but you might run into that ugly moment of self-reflection somewhere down the line.

Now, this is for my boys: I got the final say in everything you do, whether you're willing to accept it or not. I'll tell you what to wear, what to eat and who to date. You're all mama's boys at heart, and the only thing you can do is accept it. Every time I am being annoying, or overly controlling, refrain from whining. Remember, this is the woman who brought you into the world. And even though it takes two to tango, Mama’s the one who did all the legwork. So be good to me, take care of me and always remember: MAMA KNOWS BEST!

If only they haven't stopped reading my blog...


Tracey said...

Ha ha!!! Hope they read it, I'm going to get my son to read it too! just to jog his memory. You write so intelligently, were you born with such a big brain?!
Tracey x x x x x x


lol I love the last bit:)
Regarding my son thank you for your input!
Im only frustrated because I thought there had been great changes in certain areas. he now has lived with his dad for some months now so the stress isnt daily any more. The weekends with him were good for a while, I hoped it would last.
I just have to start from scatch:)

blue_butterfly said...

Tracey, Kirst,
nahh, i am not that bossy to my kids. in fact, it is the other way around,ha ha ha!
but even when we know that we have to answer to someone, we are also aware that there are people who has to answer to us and when they do... they better give us the correct answer!

Amy said...

Odette...that red button thing got me and steven going for ages. lol!

Amy xxx

Sid Brechin said...

I have been lucky. I tended to usually be the one who ended up with the authority. However I was taught ( correctly ) you have to learn how to take orders before you can give them. In the Military I had the authority of the Queen behind me. In civilian professional life I had the law on my side. No one has the legal authority to over rule the mechanic on the scene. If the police tried. I could just step back and say "Okay you handle it". As arresting me would leave a train or streetcar in the middle of the road until another mechanic came to do exactly what I would have and he had to answer to his higher ups that problem rarely came up. If it did my partner would have been on the radio to my Control center which would have gotten his bosses right away. Also all would be taped.
In normal life I try to be as accomodating to the police as possible. However most don't like the idea of being facing off with me in a courtroom. They tend to back down pretty fast. I recently had a run in with them where it went all the way up to an inspector who was first threatening then I assume made the phone call I suggested he make because he showed up at my door in person to apologise.
I once did have major legal trouble but that was not with the police. It was over a very jealous ex-girlfriend. The court costs did break me finacially and I never got to where I would have been if it had not happened but. The police were not the problem.

blue_butterfly said...

I knew it! It is inherent in our nature not to follow instruction that's why I put it there...hahaha!

I am well aware of the authority that was put upon your shoulder and you had exercise it in the best of your ability.
If only those with authority would learn not to abuse their power then this could be a better world to live in....

Angry American said...

I know I'm gonna get a frying pan upside the head for this but, "MAMA KNOWS BEST!"? Dear lord Odettet (rolls eyes).

blue_butterfly said...

Angry American,
that's the beauty of being a mother - one has authority over her children(flipping hair).

you may weep and gnash your teeth or even cry in anguish, but getting our way is inevitable. hahaha!


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