Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spreading the love, big time!

My dear friends, I cannot quite remember how things were before I started following your blogs. But I cannot quite imagine how things would be if I cannot visit your page now.

So I celebrate the moment you have become a part of my day with this award.

Here are the rules: Link to the giver – link to the one you give to, and give them to at least seven bloggers. Notify them of the award.

So, drum roll please. I love you all!!!

Angry American : He is not just a funny kick ass blogger, but also a special friend. He writes about the things he hates about America but he sure is a true American by heart.

Tracey : A truly amazing crafty lady form UK who makes wonderful stuff despite just two hour sleep each night. I am very grateful to have met her and her family, although virtually...but we gonna fix that someday.

Kirst : She’s a rising star from NZ. Her life's tale, struggle and overcoming adversaries are a compelling reason to not miss her blog. She inspires me and I love her.

Then there is Joy, a real life buddy although we haven’t seen each other for ages. I love her funny anecdotes of life in Mongolia, especially about those things familiar and not anymore. A must read.

Acolyte Tao is a breath of fresh air. He is an American who just turned eighteen but this young gentleman has very interesting opinion of the world around him. Makes you hopeful that the youth of today isn't lost afterall.

Another inspiration is Amy. A young mother who's ailment doesn't make her less a perfect person that she is. She is Tracey's daughter and I love her so much too.

Make way for the Prez of Estarra. Another pretty young thing from Chennai in India, who's blog is a mix of profound personal analysis and funny anecdotes. Her writing style is uniguely her own.

Last but not the least, Sid. A Canadian who's very character sets him apart from the rest. He is compassionate, emphatic and his blog has very useful information and worthy of your precious time.

Okay, guys...go forth unto the blogging community and spread the love!

Have a great day!


Tracey said...

Thank you! What lovely things to say about us all! I honestly don't know what I would do if my broadband went down & I couldn't 'blog'!!!! I would miss you so much.
Love Tracey x x x

blue_butterfly said...

yeah, same thing. i would go nuts wondering what you guys are up to!! Lol

The Acolyte Tao said...

=D Well thank you so much, that completely made my day. I'm not very good with thank yous and showing my gratitude, but I assure you it is there with all my heart.

blue_butterfly said...

yeah, don't worry i hear you loud and clear.

Tracey said...

What is namaste?

blue_butterfly said...

Namaste is a hindu greeting. the gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. "Nama" means bow, "as" means I, and "te" means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means "bow me you" or "I bow to you."
to perform Namaste, people place the hands together at the heart charka, close the eyes, and bow the head. it can also be done by placing the hands together in front of the third eye, bowing the head, and then bringing the hands down to the heart.
this is an especially deep form of respect. although in the West the word "Namaste" is usually spoken in conjunction with the gesture.
so to you Tracey, namaste!

Angry American said...

Thank you for the kind words. But, where the hell did you get all that info??? :o

Who knew you knew about chakras. lol


*She wipes tear from eye* Thank you so much hun, I'm home on leave and catching up on blogs, comments etc. My Love and gratitude to a beautiful soul xoxo kirst

blue_butterfly said...

out of words....just hugging you tight!

Amy said...

Thank you very much are a lovely person xxxxxx

blue_butterfly said...

just spread the love around. lets see how far and wide it could reach...


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