Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mind warp in time.

I wasn't able to watch the 3rd season of the tv series "Heroes" so I was very pleased to find a compilation of the whole series in DVD. Of course, its pirated, duh!

Among the different characters there with supernatural powers, I like Hiro Nakamura as he can traverse time, visit the past or jump ahead to the future. Yes, time travel is a concept so fascinating that they grip my very mind, pulling at my imagination with relentless enthusiasm.

Just imagine the possibilities: I could revisit my childhood, or be at the front row of the Beatles concert, or get the winning lottery number in the future and bet on them in present time. Oh, so many possibilities...

But then logic tells me that time travel is impossible, because "time", as I know it, is an arbitrary measure assigned to the relationship between the sun and the earth, and the earth's rotation.

When we change our clocks back an hour with DST, do we instantly end up back where we were an hour before? No. When we travel across time zones, does our watch reset itself? No. See? time is an invented measure. Just as distance measures like meters or feet.

But, take gravity, it was present before humans could measure it. It exists. The same with light. Light exists on its own. Time only exists in the human mind, and that of us people who is dependent on the relationship of earth to the sun.

But its ok, the movie was meant to provide entertainment more than to educate a bored soul like me. I just wonder if I am entertaining you as well. Surely you could see from the title of the article what it was going to be like, you could have skipped past it, yet you all still read it.

So get your head out of your arses and stop whining...Poof, I am gone!


Sid Brechin said...

Einstein did postulate that past present and future is all happening at once. He did not say anything about being able to effect other than the present. However from my own point of view how we behave in the present effects our future. ( ie pay attention in class you have a better chance of getting an A in future. Study Karate now you may find you don't need it later" we can influence our past though forget and forgive. I find the other way around doesn't work as well if I forget percieved wrongs I automatically forgive them and save myself a step. Sid's creative laziness.

Don't complain about laziness. I think every labour saving device must have been invented by some lazy person trying to make something easier, thus getting out of work. Efficancy is having brought lazy to an art form. Being so good at getting things out of the way that it gives the impression you are a flurry of activity when if you really are good are just getting the most done with the least effort.

As for time travel I grew up dreaming of it. Now I can close my eyes and I am in the past or figuring how I can influence my future. Einstein or not the idea deserves thought.

Tracey said...

If I could go back in time for a day I would go to school, knowing what I know now! I'd tell the horrible teachers to go to hell, and I'd pay more attention to others.
Another great post
Tracey x x x


If I could go back in time I would change a few things over the last 5 years. The rest I would leave as I wouldn't have my kids:)
If I was a super hero I would be a mix of Grechen's(Prison Break) resiliency with super psychic ability (to pay bills) Sarah Connors fighting ability, Michael's (Prison Break)intelligence, while looking like Dean out of Supernatural :)
Yeah blokes don't have the same pre menstrual issues as us ladies:)
Love Kirst xoxoxo

blue_butterfly said...

as usual you genuinely right about our past molding our future...
now that we have gone through about half of it, we can now step back, and look at what we have been through, or what is going through.
we can now see the life that we had created or maybe the life we allowed to create itself, and see the balance between these two things.

blue_butterfly said...

Tracey, Kirst,
so far i have not found any written record of anybody who was able to travel back or forward in time.
until now i stay fascinated with Jesus with his telepathic ability when he can read or knew man's heart; of his precognition, when he told his desciple that one of them will betray him; that he can levitate when he walked on water; his ability to materialize something when he multiplied five loaves of bread to feed a 5,000; when he healed a girl though he was far away; and his telekinesis ability when he cursed a fig tree and it wilted.
nothing so far had ever topped that yet...

blue_butterfly said...


i am also a big Prison Break fan, mainly because of MS( michael scofield). I didn't realize that convicts can create so much excitement!
SC(sarah connors) is the protective mom, but who wouldnt when people, nay, humanoids are out to kill your son?!


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