Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going nuts over irritating things.

Ok since we are on the roll of listing things, I thought of listing down those things that can be irritating to me.

Everyone has something that irritates them to no end, but some things can be more irritating than others and here are the things that really boils my temperature.

Talking in a language that a person in the group does not understand:
You must have experienced this sometime or the other. I find it rude when people is rambling away in a tongue that I don't understand. And when they laugh, you'd think 'Is the joke on me'? It is disconcerting and insensitive. Even if one person has problem understanding the language, switch to a common tongue!

Spitting on the road:
It also pisses me off to see a guy driving a Lexus, clad in an expensive suit who opened the door of his car at the traffic light and spat a few liters of Pan spittle. I was disgusted! Remember people, education without civic sense is useless. You could be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but if you spit on the roads, you are nothing but a piece of dirt and you will end up in hell, tied to a chair, facing a diarrhea-stricken Skunk's behind.

Reading what's on my PC screen:
I have had people reading out what was on my screen, while I glared at them in disgust, anger, and shock. A half-decent person would not do it. People who invade privacy should be dumped, half-naked, in Alaska, preferably during the mating season of Polar bears.

Cutting the queue:
You must have noticed these smart asses walking ahead of you in the line at the ticketing booth. Talking non-stop to his friend and not even looking at you. Yeah? And then when you tell him, "excuse me but there's a ****ing line here"? and he'd go "oh! I am so sorry!" Don't trust these guys. It is an elaborate ploy to cut the queue - the talk with the friend and avoiding your eye. These guys should be dropped in boiling vegetable oil.

Letting the hand-phone ring in meetings and movie houses:
I have nothing to say about these people. I am glad I am not their boss. I'd probably make them clean the public toilets in the city bus station. With their heads.

Calling a waiter by snapping the fingers or whistling:
Guys, if you do that then you're not a good human being and god will not let you gate crash into his party and all that. But there's a better reason why you should not insult a waiter or treat him like he is your doormat: they can pee in your food and you won't even know it. Scary, huh! So keep your attitude where it belongs and be a courteous guy. Any way that girl's going to dump you, so, why try to impress her by pissing off the waiter?

Computer virus.
The worse kind of irritation is getting a computer virus that causes the computer to freeze up, slow down or crash all together. You wonder why the anti-virus program installed doesn't catch it and stop it from entering the computer. It's not only irritating, but its uncool. I can't blog and the world is crumbling on me. Help!!

How about you, what makes you go nuts?


Tracey said...

What makes me angry.... ignorance, drunkenness, Doctors receptionists, Women on supermarket tills, slow estate agents, you want me to go on?!

Odette said...

yeah, and it would be better if you can tell us why. But i guess the mere thought of the incident will boil you over. hahaha!
you always commented first, and know what? i always kind of hope you would.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

very thought provoking...
please tell me you didnt get that April Fools virus...

Kirst is well - she is back to dial up speed and has not been using the internet much this week!

Odette said...

no Fi, i didn't - yet!
so you're thinking about it...does that you mean none irritates you? are you from earth??? Lol!
thanks for letting me know Kirst is fine. Iam missing her already.


I so agree with both you and Tracey!!!
I'm having limited writing, my computer hates me, so does my car. Lol been a crazy week.
Love Kirst xoxox

Odette said...

hurrray, Kirst is back!!!
that is an irritant alright, hahaha.
but, at least you had been resting at home and is taking your own sweet time...

Siva said...

NAmaste odetee ji...If i wan to say the things irritate hmmm..Like when the i stand in front of chinese peoples they will talk loundly and most of the words i cant understand and i always have to be beside womens...So when the chinese women talk they used to talk together without breaking there breath it will make me to feel like mad..But i cant show out any thing...Thats it ji


Odette, I have just read your email. I don't use Gmail often but felt I had to check it. I'm sorry hun, I have replied!!!!
I hope you get it
Lots of love Kirst

Odette said...

i understand your frustration ji, so i suggest you ask the wife to teach you chinese. hahaha

Odette said...

i got it and thanks for replying!


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