Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Regret not.

Don’t get me wrong - being young and having fun is as important as anything in life. But the young people of today are more adventurous hence they want to try everything!

Okay, assuming they live past the age of 30, then certainly, there are a few things they just can’t get away with, without reaping some serious consequences. It just makes me wonder how they could have been such a complete and total dumbass.

Take for example - piercing. A single safety pin would have been fine, but for others it just wasn’t cool enough, so they switched to 16-gauge hoops, then to 14, and before you knew it, they’ve shoved the biggest damn thing in their ears that it looks like they’re from Ethiopia!

Fast forward and they're now in their 40's and finally decided they want to take out the massive disks in their ears. OMG, how will it look like? The lobes will be so stretched, they’ll have to have them sewn-up to keep them from looking like they have a shriveled butt hole on each ear!

Then there are the young girls who for some reason, just can’t help posting pictures of themselves and their friends doing stupid, drunken, naked things online.

What are they thinking?!

Sometime, sooner or later, those pictures are going to come back to haunt them. And when they do, it will start a storm they can’t even imagine. And pretty soon that silly act when they were 23 will turn into the reason they are fired from their job, divorced from their husbands and estranged from their children.



The Acolyte Tao said...

I've never understood the gauge thing my generation does... Never have, never will...
But yes, I've just been busy! Too busy if you ask me. And my extra dose of laziness is not helping at all.
But I always wonder if other generations are as stupid as mine? Sometimes I can't believe that they were, seems impossible really.

amna said...

pierced tongues, eyebrows, everywhere, anyplace they could disgusting. i was almost convinced by my in-laws years ago when i was younger to have my nose pierced and adorned with that tiny diamond,i was so glad my senses had prevailed otherwise i could not imagine now having a hole at the side of my nose. it's ok in their culture, part of fashion and tradition but it does not conform with my personality.

I feel so sad however with those young generations who ruined themselves, they think it's cool and life is just for today and there's no tomorrows. I disagree of blaming their upbringings and parents , the case is not always like it coz I have seen myself hardworking parents who toils day and night just to give their kids education, shelter and food but still their kids has no regards at all for the sacrifices of their parents. And I have seen people who are products of bad parents(booze and drugs) but are successful in their lives. So it depends upon the mentalities of the young ones of how they percieved life and how they wanted to be in the years to come for the rest of their lives. Regret comes late i wish everybody would realize it but that's not the way it is.

Tracey said...

It looks so bloody stupid! My young nephew has his lip and eyebrow pierced, I have banged on and on at him not to go any further, coz he looks like a prat! I went mad at Amy when she was 14 for having her ears pierced 6 times and made her sign a declaration of no more!!!!!!lol. Now she only wears one pair....thankfully!
Love Tracey x x x

Cottage Rose said...

Personally I hate piercings, I reckon it makes the wearer look trashy and scummy but each to their own

Odette said...

so now it's your generation who perceived you as different, and maybe uncool coz you wouldn't do the things they are doing.
just know you're in the right track!

Odette said...

i saw a more terrying pic of a guy who resembles frankenstein coz of all those iron thingy all over his body - face,nose,tongue,neck,ears, arms,abdomen, and god knows where else!
he looks scary as hell...and i dont understand what is the statement he wants to say.
oh maybe i do - "im lost!"

hmmm... a diamond embeded in your nose would seemed neat. but hey, you're pretty w/o it!

Odette said...

a signed declaration from amy at 14? i bet only for the piercing coz she did well in hiding you her tatoo, hahaha!
oh teener..tell her to watch out for lottie!

Angry American said...

The tats and piercings you see on the streets are nothing. I've seen people on tv and the net who are so mutilated you might pass out or puke.

That being said, I'm still trying to figure out just the right tatoo(s) to get and where. As far as piercings, nothing could help this face.

I did have a horrible experience once with a woman who had a tongue piercing though. I don't know how to keep this from getting too graphic but, I was a litle torn up and had blood in my boxer shorts (it could only happen to me).

Odette said...

holy cow! i'm imagining a woman with blood on her mouth.
omg. yes it's grapppppphic!!!


LOL piercing can be pretty freaky at times. Especially the big garish ones.
In general I think people can do what they like to there bodies, as long as they aren't flashing the hidden piercings my way eew.
Some tattoos can be beautiful, I prefer the smaller daintier ones(no I don't have any)
I wonder if one could perform surgery on the heavily pierced people without anaesthetic, they surely must have a high tolerance.

Amy said...

To be honest, i like piercings but sensible ones. i do hate to see a stretched ear and too many facial piercings. i had alot in my ears and my belly button but like my mum said i only wear one earring now and pregnancy stopped me wearing my belly bar! I did sign and declaration but it didn't stop me having a Kirst said, small tattoos can be nice and i like them lol.

people who go crazy with piercings and tattos though will look an idiot when they are old and everything starts to sag lol! xxx

Odette said...

would you repeat your mom's act if lottie come home one day with pierced nose or lips?

Amy said...

i would go mad!! its my little girl lol! xx


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