Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shopping used to be fun...

There is an on going three-day-sale at SM mall nearby. So yesterday I decided to check out what items I could buy since it has been a long while that I shopped for myself.

I browsed through the store. I enjoyed the soothing atmosphere, the music, the scented candles, the bubbling fountain... I achieved a zen-like state of peace.

Wonderful, I even found a cute top and (gasp!) pants that actually match. An outfit! A nice lady showed me the fitting room. It was swanky. Nothing to fear, there.

I hummed along to the soothing music and got ready to try on the pants. Then, I absently glanced over to the mirror and...

Oh my gosh, who is that ghastly creature staring back at me? Are those...eye bags? Who designed the lighting in this place? Beelzebub? Sweet Jesus, what is that under my nose? Holy cats, I look like Chewbacca!

I threw my clothes back on and ran like heck.

For the first time, I was grateful for the workouts I did every morning because my feet carried me out of that store like two turbo charged Cadillac. The sales lady shrieked as I flew past, but I didn't care.

I muttered something like "I'm sorry, but I think I saw a scary middle-aged lady in the fitting room!" To my horror, I heard her mumble, "What do you expect?"

I threw open the doors, and stumbled out to the street. I glanced apprehensively at the store, fearing that the sales clerk was running after me.

Instead, I catch a glimpse of something that immediately soothed me.

Mouth watering chocolate cake...another bliss!


jen said...

You crack me up!! I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. It's just those awful dressing room mirrors!!

I always feel the same way after a long winter. I'm used to being bundled up in thick sweaters and long pants, NO exposed skin!! Then, Spring rolls around and it's time to sport the shorts and t-shirts. EEEK!! Not used to seeing all that white flabby skin...and when did I grow this muffin top that hangs over the top of my pants???

Your lovely just the way you are!!


Odette said...

hi Jen,
it's just frustrating that despite the workouts my mid-section keeps growing, ugh!
i am waiting for the time when having a belly can become fashionable, hahaha!
have a nice weekend!

Tracey said...

For Gods sake...SHUT UP! ha ha! You are who you are, it's what is inside your heart that matters, not what over hangs your pants!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
Tracey x x x x x x x

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I can't understand why clothes shops don't realise that flattering light would sell far more clothes than the ones they put in there - that cause us to look like haggard ghosts! Ghosts with wrinkles, cellulite, rolls, (the Shar Pei look) and all. I can walk in feeling quite good - but leave feeling worse....
There is a whole industry that designs lights to make packaged meat look the right colour in the supermarket... how about they design one to make us look tanned (and thin lol )

Odette said...

you're sooooooo right! maybe we should write that in their suggestion boxes, hahaha!

Odette said...

ok, ok! iam not saying a word. just don't make me shop for clothes there again.

Sid Brechin said...

I once saw my Dad in downtown Toronto. I turned and started walking toward him, he did the same. As I was about to open my mouth and say "Hi Dad, what are you doing in the big city?" I realized I had walked up to my own reflection.

The same week I had some friends over for a party. One of them said to me what uniform is that your wearing in the photo in the hall. I answered there are no photos of me in the hall and asked him to show me. When I saw the picture I explained that is a WWII Royal Canadian Air Force Sergents Uniform. He looked at me stuned and said "How old are you" I replied that is my maternal Grandfather. ( the photo Odette is the one of my Grandfather on my blog in the article on role models ) I considered him thinking it was me a high compliment. Until recently I could not see the resemblence. Not long ago I happened to look at it with something in the way. Just enough to hide the cap. I was surprised it did look exactly like me at the same age.

I know enough never to answer the question "Honey does this outfit look fat" men and women speak different languages. I will translate it to male for the ladies. The translation is "Honey have you ever considered joining the foregin legion, if you haven't now would be a good time because there is no right answer to this question."

If you say yes your now an honorary monk. No way she will sleep with someone who thinks she's fat. If you say no, she still won't think with you because this is bigger than the size she wore in high school and therefore your lying to her.

Odette said...

OMG Sid, you walk up to your own reflection? Hahaha.
But you do look strangely identical to your grand old man when he was at your age...


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