Sunday, April 12, 2009

To bear or not to bear arms.

First, let me tell you we have gun control in the Philippines. Our national police has also been promoting responsible gun ownership and preventing proliferation of loose firearms, thereby granting only certificates to own gun bought through legitimate gun dealers.

Our government is actually helping citizens to use the correct and legal means to obtain firearms while trying to prosecute criminals in order to reduce the problem with guns being used in crime.

I have previously dealt with this topic but I deemed it appropriate to talk about it again as in the midst of a seeming wave of mass shootings in the US, Americans seem to be changing their minds about gun control. They are not, however, coming to the opinion that gun bans will solve gun crime. Rather, support for gun control is declining, and more Americans are coming out in support of the right to bear arms.

Why do you think this is? Are U.S. citizens responding to economic uncertainty by adopting a fortress mentality?

But despite the U.S government's effort to ban various types of guns, yet criminals still get guns, no matter what is banned. Even someone who is mentally disturbed enough to shoot a dozen random people and then shoot themselves. I think if someone is that mentally unstable, they'll just switch the method of killing from guns to explosives!

Oh there's no question that guns make things easier for crimials and violent thugs, but they also make things easier for innocent lawful citizens to protect themselves against criminal attack. Criminals you see, do not need rights and freedoms to get guns and commit crimes, but those lawful citizens need rights and freedoms to be able to protect and defend themselves from criminals. See the irony here?

When you disarm honest lawful citizens who are not a threat to society against violent criminals, who is being protected and who is left vulnerable?

So in the face of panic and uncertainty, will you be arming yourself too?


Tracey said...

I can't see an end to guns, if folk want them, they will get them. It will soon be back to the old wild west, Ray would make a good sheriff!

I prefer packing to unpacking!
Did you have a nice weekend?
Love Tracey x x x

Odette said...

it was a restful holiday, all i did was watch a marathon movie for hours. one set back though, the summer heat is unbearably hot!

now that scares me - Ray for sheriff? are you out of your mind?

amna said...

anywhere in this world there's no such thing as banned and controlled in reality, just like drugs and cocaine they still exist no matter what and anybody can still hold them if they wanted too, if there's a will there's a way. Government ban and control???? dream on...
for me,it never occured even in my wistful thoughts to own a gun, come what may.

I missed reading your blogs too. I'm doing fine still in the midst of fixing up the mess and busy at work at the same time. I love your blogs layout and cool.take care always.

Odette said...

i dont like guns either, nor any other form of deadly weapon. seeing a butcher brandish his sharp knives in the market could even give me a chill!
it saddened me most when a youth go on a rampage and shoot people randomly. made you ask what the adults have dome to produce such disturbed young people...
hey you arent messing things up, the world just happen to be a bitch, hahaha!
but everything will line up in due let things go its natural course.
meanwhile, relax and just pamper your self.
iam happy you're here now...


We don't have a gun mentality here. The police don't need to be armed because in general we aren't armed as a rule. We do have arms for hunting etc, and the police do possess guns, but only for armed offenders situations. I would prefer it to stay that way otherwise any womble can get hold of a gun and go ballistic. You come up with some great posts hun!

Watching marathon movie's sounds great to me, lol I did the same yesterday.


Odette said...

good to know your citizen aren't crazed gun-toters. it's just that some people think once they own a gun they become invincible, while others want to create fear.
but as i said, the gun won't take off unless someone pulls the trigger!
it is still about responsible ownership...

Angry American said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracey said...

Who commented?!
You just changed your post picture!!!!!

Angry American said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

lol whats happening with A.A?
Are you o.k hun:)

amna said...

thanks for the boost Odette, yep, life is a bitch and its more grande when there's a real one waiting to get hold of the conjugal settlement that you have worked hard and built up for so many years...can I own a gun? hahahaha!(just kidding).I tried not to get upset, have to keep my wrinkle free face, hahaha. is it still holiday down there? here mostly are close so here I am hugging my PC.
Take care yourself and hugs!

Angry American said...

ok ok ok

I'll replace my comment. I said, I donno if I could trust myself as sheriff cause my county would make the Rodney King beating look like a friendly game of tag. (I hope you all know what tag is)


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