Monday, April 6, 2009

Maids in China.

This is inspired by Chip Tsao article: A war at Home

Of course, I admit we send maids, also called servants, to Hong Kong. Of course, we send caregivers, also called servants, to Canada. Of course, we send janitors, also called servants, to clean the toilet bowls of the world. And of course, we are a nation of servants.

But to be called so by a Chinese person, that is too much. I do not know which is the worse insult, being called so, or being called so by a Chinese person.

The point is simple. Being Filipinos and Christians, we practice this one fundamental truth: Being is nothing, being seen is everything.

So how can we even declare war with Hongkong, when it belong to China? I am dismayed by the prospect, not only because China is huge, but because China had long invaded us.

You see, our biggest malls here belong to Chinese businessmen. Our flag carrier airline is owned by another chinese. Even the best restuarants in the city are owned by chinese. The DVDs I bought is distributed my muslims, but it is the chinese who manufactured them.

It’s true: The world was made by God, everything else was made in China.

But wait....if we have so many nannies in Hongkong they can also work as our spies! They can teach their wards the works of Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini and other local heroes. Wow, they can raise an entire generation of Hongkong kids loyal to the Philippines!

Their wards would be like “sleepers” or “moles,” who would wake up one day to fulfill the mission planted in their brains from infancy.

The more I dwelled on it, the more I liked it(hands rubbing together). From somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind the thought reverberated: The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world.

The hand that rocks the cradle rocks China...


Boysie Gonzaga said...

Tsip Chao personally apologized in front of the members of the Philippine diplomatic corps and leaders of Filipino community organizations, in our embassy in Hongkong. That's the least he could do. I heard his preggy wife is due to give birth anytime soon and he is looking for one good wet nurse but reluctant to get one from his native China due to rampant cases of local "fake" documented caregivers/nannies lurking around looking for cheap employment. Now, that's what I call satire and sarcasm to the nth degree!

Odette said...

What a timing Boysie, I hope she will hire one of our own and then her nannie can start brainwashing the kid to our advantage, har har har!
Hey, check your blog site. it seems your page has a virus. each time I open it my monitor goes haywire.

Boysie Gonzaga said...

Like hating everything Chinese, loooool!!!

Maybe the pop-ups are causing the glitches. I'll check it...

Angry American said...

Wet nurse? Wish I had one every time I was in the hopital. I might never have gone home.

(Oh shiznit! Did I type that out loud?)

Tracey said...

My dad is married to a Chinese lady, although she is very nice, she thinks she knows everything! also has to be in charge.
t. x

The Acolyte Tao said...

I did not know any of this. I thought it was the Americans alone who were the Assholes up in everything. -.- I suppose the Philippians are getting screwed by major powers of both the East and West. (They have the front and back covered... x.x )

Odette said...

you are right, and us lowly poor Filipinos can't seem to do anything against these super powers.
but at least, we can blog about it! hahaha..


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