Friday, April 17, 2009

Pirates be afraid. Be very afraid!

The hijacking of the US freighter Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates, have produced some good. Good because the hijacking of an American-flagged ship is finally focusing international attention on Somali piracy.

For everyone's information, the pirates seized 42 ships in 2008, got $30 million to $50 million in ransom and are still holding about 250 seamen of various nationalities hostage.

Before the Maersk Alabama seizure, the rich and developed countries did not pay much attention to Somali piracy. After all, they probably thought, why should they when most of the crew members seized came from poor countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh and Pakistan?

But once an American-flagged freighter was hijacked and an American captain was taken hostage, the rich nations sat up and took notice and their media covered each twist and turn of the drama on the high seas.

Now that this one hijacking case has been resolved, what will happen next? Will the international community take concerted action to rid the Horn of Africa of the Somali pirates?

In the meantime, all steps have to be taken to rescue or obtain the release of about 250 seamen, including 92 Filipinos, still being held hostage by the Somali pirates. I rely on the American US navy and marines to take action on this.

The problem has not ended with the rescue of one American captain.


Tracey said...

I bet the pirates don't look like Captain Jack Sparrow either, or else me & Amy would be sailing there right now!!!!!!!!
Tracey x x x

Angry American said...

The US Marines mostly handle ground attacks on land durring war time. The Navy ships and the elite SEALS handle anyting that goes down on the open seas.

Either way, pirates from any country are f*cked if they piss off the US. We might even see joint operations of several country's Navys to patrol any vulnerable areas.

If that happens, I'll be keeping an eye on it with a big grin on my face. It would be like the old american commercials from the 70s of the game "Battleship" (for those of you who remember). Only, in this case, you'd hear somebody scream "You sunk my pirate ship!!!"


Not good, not nice, very sad for all affected. You come up with some great stuff

Amy said...

not nice at all!

yes would be nice if it were jack sparrow! xxx

Odette said...

Tracey, Amy,
oh yes, if it had been the Pirates of the Carribean, and not the Sonali's then, I would have applauded it too!
Considering of course that Johnny Depp is on it...

Odette said...

ok, its the US navy jurisdiction then. but the battle wont be fought in the sea anymore as the hostages had been brought to land, awaiting for ransom money.
i am still hoping America will take action.

amna said...

if it is an american's life at stake, US government will take action right away but citizens of third world? let me guess....hhhhhmmmm..NAAAAH!

Odette said...

our hostage countrymen had long endured in the hands of the Somali pirates. our government however, cannot pay for the ransom they demanded.
therefore i am hoping for a concerted effort from nations who have the capability to dismantle this modern day pirates.

jen said...

To take out three pirates without injuring the captain...all while the boat was rocking!?!? I must say the Navy Seals kick #!#!

Sid Brechin said...

I started following the pirate situation when India sent a floatila or battle group to the area. They did it the same week they landed an unmanned rover on the Moon. I did notice US stations didn't tend to cover this story. One thing about being in Canada. We get all the US stations but also get good world news coverage. Not only in English and French but on some of our stations they the news in a different language every half hour. A couple of weeks later China sent a modern fleet to the area. The Chinese group had UN sanction to follow pirates ashore if they could. One of the problems is the vast area involved. It is basically from Africa to the sea of Japan. The pirates have also I believe sank some oil tankers bound to counties which do not produce any of their own oil. Odette would be far better informed of such things than I.

Naval Blockades can be very effective. However it is unfortunate fact of life that only infantry can follow an individual to where captives are being held and take them back without turning the whole area into a blood bath.

Which of course is why the US has seals and the British the SBS these are both basically naval infantry.

However and this is a bit of an aside the elite group who has the most experience fighting in Africa though we don't often hear of them is still the French Foregin legion.


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