Friday, April 3, 2009

Why getting old is a bliss.

I know I can't fool myself. Once I hit my forties, something happens.

Suddenly I can't read a novel unless I hold it with my arms straight out, which gets pretty tiring. So I went to the optical store and picked up a pair of reading glasses. I checked out the new glasses in the store mirror, which isn't small enough to hide my flabby gut.

Well, I just comfort myself with the thought that at least, my protruding stomach diverts attention away from my wrinkles.

Aside from these lovely physical changes, I think something really good happened in my forties.

A certain freedom begins to take hold in my psyche. Fitting in just isn't that important any more. Who cares if you're not dressed like everyone else?

Take today, for example. Since its Saturday, I just don my favorite shirt and shorts and flip-flop to work because it's comfortable and I really didn't feel like changing into some dressy outfit that would be scratchy and stiff. The result? Bliss.

There's no doubt that being forty-something has given me the courage to stop wearing stuff I don't like. Moreover, being forty has given me the courage to stop throwing away my precious free time on things or people I don't enjoy.

If you're past forty, do you feel the same freedom? From what?


Tracey said...

YES! it's fabulous, even better when you get grandkids!! I have to wear varifocals, coz I can't see to read, or a long way off! I feel more comfortable now than I ever have. If only I didn't get aches and pains, swollen ankles, the menopause....... Ha ha, never mind!
Love Tracey x x x

Odette said...

just when i thought it's a bliss you come enumarating thinsg i dread...!
ok, it has its plus and minus. any stage of life comes with it, right?

did you had a blast?

Tracey said...

It's only 7 am, the wedding is at noon, the weather is grey and threatening!......xxxxx

Odette said...

oh and i thought you had come from the wedding already, hahaha.
where will the reception be? if its a garden reception, then pray it wont rain. or maybe they can move in inside a retuarant.
i still hope you folks will have a grand time.
give my regards to amy and the family.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I too have everyday glasses and yes eyes got worse at 40.
Menopause is much better now. Care less about lots and feel less extremes of emotion.... But lots of positives . I just wish I had more energy! Took it for granted and I miss it:)

Odette said...

i would welcome menopause than this nasty PMS. makes people around teeter on their heels when i am in a grouchy mood, hahaha.
have a nice weekend!

Tracey said...

The menopause makes you feel like you have pmt CONSTANTLY! I feel better on HRT though.


I enjoyed turning 30, I then went on to have the best year of my life. While other women I knew nearly had breakdowns, I was living it up.
When I had my hysterectomy I was in menopause for three months while my ovaries shut down. I didn't enjoy soaking wet sheets at night and mood swings, that I am not looking forward to.
I'm just over three years from 40 it doesn't really bother me because I feel young at heart.
Some days I feel about 70 years old, so I kind of have a preview into the future lol.
Hun did you get my email??
Love Kirst

Odette said...

yes i did! i think i had informed you about it in your page. i'll update you soon, ok?

The Acolyte Tao said...

Pfft, what a bunch of old ladies.
I feel like a grandpa from being lazy being stuck in a pointless public school all day that teaches me nothing thus making me do nothing. And I buy off from that nothingness all day making me never want to do anything. -.-

Odette said...

hey you're too young to feel old already.
didn't you know that being idle is a gift, and that not everyone possess it? Lol!
have a nice day...


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