Thursday, April 16, 2009

When hard times hit home.

I know I just have to share this with you people. You see my boss called me into his office and asked me whether I’d consider taking a salary cut in order to keep my job.

Was I surprised? No.

I know it isn't easy for the boss to have to tell me this, as he very well know of my situation. And he still showed his considerable fairness as he opted for only a 5% cut reduction and not 10% or 15%. Besides I am very much aware that as the worldwide recession deepens, more and more companies are adopting this strategy in an effort to reduce labor costs while avoiding major layoffs.

Without blinking my eye, I took the offer as it will allow me to remain gainfully employed. I think a 5% wage cut is still better than not getting paid at all - especially if the work makes me happy. I didn't base my decision on money alone as there’s something to be said about job security. Besides, in the current market, my chances of snagging a better offer elsewhere are relatively slim. In fact, it’s more likely I’d end up in the unemployment line.

I am certain my boss was relieved when I accepted the offer, because the decision make it easier for him to keep my friends and colleagues in the payroll. Although of course I am aware that the lower pay check will directly affect my ability to provide for myself and family. That’s why it is equally important for me to review my budget carefully and know what I can do without.

But regardless of the pay cut, I am happy I still have a job to go to. I know during these hard times there are alot of people who are not so lucky.

So here I am in the office, with integrity still intact. I will not let my reduced pay affect the quality of my work or make me bitter. I know me and the boys will get by.

God had sent us a remarkable and wonderful angel.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Dear Odette
I am glad you made that choice...
far better to be employed.

So sorry it had to happen - but hope your belt tightening is not too painful ...
None of us know when we will be faced with the same choice - or redundancy. Many blogs are touching on this theme...

Odette said...

Thanks, Fi! I know this is not an isolated case. i have seen many friends lost their job due to downsizing. at least iam still able to keep mine.

have a nice day.


A very wise decision, you have done the right thing. Will they increase your pay again when things improve globally? I hope so:)
Take care hun

Odette said...

yes kirst, my boss promised me that. i didn't feel offended with the adjustment as others had much worse with 10 to 15% cut.

Tracey said...

Bread & water for the next few months then! lol.......It has to be done though, not one job is safe anywhere! We know people from bankers to cleaners who have lost their jobs because of the recession, When is it going to end?
Love Tracey x x x

Odette said...

maybe not soon, as economist predict this recession to move into depression. let's cross our fingers we'll survive this phase.
have a nice weekend!

Sid said...

I think you made the right choice btw. I have taken cuts in pay on occasion. In my case it was always to move a more challenging job or to a position where they were about to get new technology and so I would be taking the manufactuers training courses. As you may have guessed I am an information junkie and don't have the same attitude about money most people have. Money is like a screwdriver. It is a tool that has a variety of purposes. It can tighten a screw or it can be misused and driven through someones thigh. Money is probably the most misused tool on the planet. Now or ever.

Odette said...

thank you so much Sid. I know there is nothing i should be worried about...

Mar G said...

Hi Odette - This is the first time I've visited your blog, so a BIG hello from me ;-)
Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on my blog & for thinking about me during & after my surgery....I'm still sore & uncomfortable but making good progress. I just need to be patient & allow my body to heal as its been through a huge trauma!
Sorry to read about your salary cut, glad though you made the decision not to give up your job, I also think its better to be employed!
This recession is making life hard for everybody all over the world....We are all having to tighten our belts & make savings when we can?!
Take Care - Mar x


I'm so glad to hear they may increase the cut again after the recession improves!!! Some employers who's companies are doing well could easily use the recession as a way to cut costs for more financial gain! Stay strong hun, you will rise above any challenge.

Odette said...

hello too Mar G! i am glad you are well enough to sit down and read blogs and left a comment. is it part of the rehab? hahaha!
i know healing will take a while but i hope you will be able to move as well as before in time.
take it easy, ok?

Angry American said...

Considering I'm only a vulonteer at the cat shelter, I don't give a damn if they give me a pay cut. I'll just take more catnip breaks. :D


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