Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Young girl's ideals go awry.

It’s absolutely appalling what I saw on tv - a very long queue of young women wanting to audition for a spot on a television based model contest. There was even a stampede because girls were shoving each other.

Not to mention that 25% of young women questioned in a TV poll reported that they would rather be awarded first prize on America’s Next Top Model than be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

A total of 50% said they would happily marry an ugly man if he was rich!

What is going on with our female population? Is anyone paying attention? Has the media completely overpowered them?

Maybe it's because our young women are constantly being bombarded with frivolous ideals and goals that are only short term. Beauty is fine, but the type of beauty that is being promoted won’t last. Eventually every single one will get older despite that wrinkle cream.

What will happen to girls with this mindset when they hit 40 and realize that their first prize on America’s Next Top Model does not qualify as job experience?

It would be very sad if one day they wake up and realize they are unhappy in their marriage since they only married for money, but they can’t escape because by then, they are entirely dependent.

Will they turn to plastic surgery? Become alcoholics? Commit suicide?

Darn, something needs to be done now to prevent this absurd youth consciousness.


Tracey said...

I think it all starts in junior school. Lottie is almost 7, they are bombarded with diet talk, not just how to eat healthily. the other girls talk constantly of stuff only 14 or 15 should talk about.....its scary! God there's more to life than this, what is up with these people?!

Amy really isn't very well, she just has to wait til her hospital appointment comes through, which will be after easter now! Thanks for asking.......

Lots of love Tracey xxx

Odette said...

it's the media Tracey. noticed how the kids stay at home but only to hog the computer or television?
they don't have "little house in the praire" to watch, but rater "The one tree hill"!
there is a difference of values here, as most other current tv shows!

so Amy will be grinding her teeth for every surge of pain between now and next week. Damn!!

The Acolyte Tao said...

Well, I know the majority of high school and college girls are the same way w/ rather marrying an ugly guy for money. Of course you have the few who find that completely stupid and repulsive, but its becoming a smaller percentage.

Odette said...

yes girls of today would rather have financial security. and the men treat them as an acquisition or trophy - something only for display.

Tracey said...

Good Morning Odette, do you have a public holiday there? We do here til Tuesday.


Hear hear I agree totally on what our young girls are being fed. I'm trying to influence my daughter on Beyonce's looks rather than ratty looking rockstars.
Beyonce has healthy looking thighs, and butt, she not rake thin.
I was worried because my daughter started thinking she was fat based on the usual girl stars she follows.
T.V wise she follows "Bones", focusing on the intellect rather than the looks of Brennan.
My sympathies to Amy big time

Odette said...

yes, we are on holiday since yesterday. I am home just lazing about. we will resume working on Monday next week.

Odette said...

saw your little girl and she isn't even robust! how can she even think she is fat???
are you getting your break now? finally able to relax?


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