Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a Jest.

Dear readers:

Yesterday I wrote an article about leaving and the removal of this blog.

Hey, it was written just for laughs, folks! If you check out my other blogs, you would know that I do love to poke fun with myself.

Some commenters seemed to think that it's true, maybe it's because most of you aren't familiar with our president that it didn't elicit laughter but rather worry and sadness .

So here I am, telling you that it was indeed just a joke, and View from Above will not be removed at 12 noon as I have jestly stated, ok?

I am very touched though to know that I will be missed.

Blog owner


Tracey said...

Hi Gloria!!!!!! That was so cruel, what you did, to upset us all like that! Just goes to show you how much we all care!
Glad you are back ODETTE, lovely photo, much prefer it to yesterdays!
Thanks for your good wishes for Amy, She will be blogging again soon.
Love Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tracey said...

PS. Why haven't you got any wrinkles?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Odette said...

But blogging does not in any way compromise my work, so with that in mind i thought you would know it is obviously a silly one.
ok, ok, i will stop posting crass personal jokes - for now!

Odette said...

wrinkles???? what's that????

wait, lemme google it too.

Tracey said...

Yes, well, you are such an honest person, (USUALLY!) So every one of us believed you!!!!
Wrinkles; lines on your face from age! You look 20!.....Not Fair xxx

Odette said...

why are you talking jibberish? these are greek to me, Tracey!
please stop playing with my simple mind i cannot grasps these words!(pulling hairs)

Seriously now, i just don't allow tragedy to get to me. i laugh despite what's gnawing me inside.

and i sleep at least 8 hours a day.(with the emphasis on the last one, hahaha)

hey, you don't have wrinkles too, you know?

bulik said...

Your'e so lovely on that picture sweetheart.

Boysie Gonzaga said...

Whew! My eyes almost popped out of their sockets! Don't do that kind of joke again please!

Guys!!! She had botox! Joke! Tell them your secret to eternal young looking, wrinkle-free face Odette! My bottle is almost dried up. Got to go home for refill. Be home on July! See you around!

Angry American said...

So far, the only wrinkles I have are below the belt. If this keeps up, it might end up inverted. :(

Odette said...

Boysie, I can't afford a simple facial treatment, how else can i pay for a botox injection?
it's just genes....

inverted? now that's something to see, hahaha...!

living_with_ba said...

It did shock me, but only because I know several Flippinos and therefore knew their president...and for about a milli second I believed it, then I read the comments and realised it was a very late April Fool's..

Good to have you back...gonna go and put that award on my blog now!

Odette said...

I am not leaving anytime soon, hahaha. But I am happy you finally find the time to put that award in your page.
do come here often.


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