Thursday, June 25, 2009

You should read this.

This is about a blog I had stumbled into - very cool and pleasant to the eye, and I suggest that everyone in the whole wide world should go over there and read it!!

Leanne, walk me through the small country town of Dorset - showed me flowers and her pet animals, local architectures with their raggle taggle cottage gardens and grand castles. She talks about new addition to her ever growing family when egg hatches and new litters arrived to take their own place in the household. She also takes me to the panic of birthing and the joy of new life.

She even shared poems and lovely quotations, and a lot of musings that are adorably funny but made me thoughtful - and oh so many other things. Reading her description of her world makes me feel like I am right there with her - enjoying the scenery and the animals and the food and the flowers. I know it will excite me to see her blog on my bloglines list of new posts - I can't wait for the next adventure!

So come with me to Somerset Seasons. Pull up a chair, make yourself comfy, because her kettle is always on!!

And say hello to Leanne for me when you are over there!!


living_with_ba said...

Dorset if, I'm not mistaken is a county, not a town...though there could be a town in the county called Dorset I suppose!

Hope you're doing okay :)

Odette said...

a county, a town, whatever, it is a beautiful place!! i don't even know where that is, hahaha!
still keeping my fingers crossed for that house, joey!

Mimi said...

Thanks Odette! That is a very interesting blog. I love all of her pictures. You rock!


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