Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dine in or take out?

If you are a church goer, probably you would noticed how communicants would approach the priest sometimes with an open hand or an open mouth. And you might wonder if instead of saying " body of christ" the priest could very well say " dine in or take out?"

Please I didn't mean to be irreverent with the Eucharist by making a joke. I too solemnly believed in the sanctity of the body and blood of Crist and the holy Eucharist shows how Jesus wanted to be among us.

But in view of the swine flu A(H1N1) virus which is prevalent these days, the church has instructed that during Mass, communion would be received by the hand, and that there will be no holding of hands during the “Our Father.”


But this does not in any way lessen nor remove from us two very important aspects of our Christian life - to receive the Lord with clean hearts and to extend our loving and helping hands to our brothers and sisters wherever we are, in whatever situation we are in.


amna said...

dette, I overslept last night, now I'm having imsomnia. I think I need reading glasses now coz the first time I looked at the pic of this blog, looks like sea shells to me when I read contents it's the communion. I'll tell you funny thing about my Hindu date years ago. I took him with me to baptismal and on communion he followed me in front. i told him to stay put. When I came back, he murmured why I did not allow him to eat the sweets, ha ha ha. you know the Hindu ritual it comes with the sweets.
Excellent post again.

it's almost one in the morning here I'll try to retire now..see yah and love much!

Odette said...

oh and its a monday 2moro so you will have to wake up early, no?
i have been to a hindu temple with an indian friend and we had lunch there too as there was a festivity on that day. we sat slumped on the floor - women in a row and men on the other. there's just two distinctive taste to their food - hot and sweet. each food is hotter than the previous one and the sweets are too sweet for my palate.
but after the initial searing, my taste bud is not anymore that offended, hahaha!

Tracey said...

I learn so much from your posts & even more from the comments on here!

Odette said...

you will learn more if you just get an msn account!!!
go go go!

rattles said...

Hi Odette - another fabulous blog entry. :-) How are you doing?? Are you well? I have a real insomnia problem at the moment i dont get to sleep till the small hours of the morning and im wide awake by a few hours later - my stupid shoulder is making it very difficult to get a good nights sleep but hey ho - guess i just have to grin and bear it till its all healed hey???

Anyways - speak soon loadsa lv Rattles Xxxx

Odette said...

iam sorry to hear you're again in great pain. is the endomorph not working? hope by the time this gets to you, you are already snoring into the twilight zone...
are you wearing the new pj?
lot's of luv,

rattles said...

hi odette
The oramorph is working for a short while but then the pain starts back up again about an hour later and its a few hours then before i can take another dose-its very frustrating! On a positive note i am indeed wearing my new pj's :-)

Ive only really managed a few hours sleep since thursday evening now im shattered!

Ah well i shall speak soon hon oh by the way i now have the icons for my awards on my profile :-) got a few now lol! :-) take care and lotsa lv Xxxx

living_with_ba said...

Interesting post! I always find I learn something when I read your posts..I should do another update myself soon, I'm getting there...


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