Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love goes around in blogland.

Thanks Joey for the award coz first this mean that someone had noticed I was even in blogland; and second, absolute joy that someone had chosen me for recognition. This is validation, not only that I existed, but that someone found my posts worthwhile enough to spend their precious time and energy reading them.

I’m very proud of each and every award I had received, and truly honored to have received them from fellow bloggers whom I admire.

So without further ado, I present my list of outstanding bloggers below, some of whom I‘ve only recently discovered. I hope you visit their sites and enjoy them as much as I do.

Living with Brittle Asthma

Palm Trees and Blue Skies

The Pure Gardener Inc.

Mar G's Blog

Simple Indulgences

Baby Say's "Baff"

Sea Cottage

Useless Information


Tracey said...

Odette, How are you? Congrats on another award, by the way, I change my knickers more times than I change backgrounds...........honestly!!!!!!!
LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

living_with_ba said...

Thanks for giving it back to me! I am very low on awards as I've only recently got active followers and such, so I will accept with pride and pleasure and add it to my "Awards" list on my blog!

Keep smiling


Mar G said...

Aw thanks Odette :-) I am truly spoiled as Tracey gave me this award too!
Hope you are well this morning? x

Mar G said...

2 awards on my blog for you Odette....Enjoy! x

Mimi said...

Congrats on your award, Odette!
Thank you for considering me worth of the award, I really appreciate it!

The PURE Gardener, Inc. said...

Odette! Thank you for the time to visit my blog! I love and read all of your comments. I am honored that you have given me an award! I sill post it proudly =) I love your blog as well!

Jann said...

Thanks for the nomination!! I sincerely appreciate your comments on my blog!

Sheila said...

Thank you Odette..xx
You are very kind.


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