Sunday, June 21, 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream...

Sleep fascinates us all because it may be somewhat reminiscent of death: We lie down, we close our eyes and we are dead to the world. Except for someone I knew from UK who sleeps only 2 hours a day! Yes, Tracey, thats you!!!

But what's more interesting with sleep are our dreams. Whether we'd like to admit it or not, whether we are able to remember them or not, we all dream.

Dreams are so compelling, and they often seem so weird and strange that it is fruitless and confusing to attempt any interpretations of our dreams. We all have dreams filled with an infinite number of people, places, and things — and situations where they all get mixed together.

I just got an email fronm Sid, where he told me about his dream. It's incredibly funny and so out of this world - literally. I find it worth sharing with you and he did tell me I can. However, he made my task a lot easier coz now you can visit his page and read it from there. You can go check his site Useless Information. Here is a backgrounder though - Sid had been sleep deprived for several days because of a nagging pain in his wrist. He cannot sleep coz its the only sensation he can feel each time he closes his eyes. Finally, when he did fall asleep, out of exhaustion, his mind brought him to a place where no man had gone before. Hahahah!

Indeed, there is no science that could explain why our mind come up with such dream sequence. Therefore, it is also but right that we don't dwell on trying to interpret them. Maybe just by continuing to build relationships by sharing our feelings, our fears, our concerns and yes dreams, we will have a security blanket that we need to sleep easier.

Of course, if you enjoy your dreams and they don't bother you, dream away, and have fun!

Do you have any weird dreams to share?


living_with_ba said...

i find I dream very strange dreams when I don't take all my the weekend before last I had no tablets due to my carer forgetting to get them from the pharamcy and it took me an age to fall asleep and when I did I dreamt a lot of strange things that even made me sit up (in my dream) and say "this can't be real!"

Tracey said...

When I have my 2 hours tonight I shall dream about the pictures from your email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it will be very pleasant.

Odette said...

those are not dreams but nightmares if they aren't pleasant- unless they are strange because you see yourself walking along the beach in a string bikini!!
then go back to sleep and dream some more!!!
love you,

Odette said...

tell me which one, the car that went sky high or the spaghetti and meat balls?
that grin in your face, gave out the answer, hahaha!!!

Tracey said...

Oh yes I'm grinning!! xx

Sid Brechin said...

Typical of Odette: the word dream and she thinks Shakespeare where I am more likely to runinto Monty Python meets the Simpsons.

Mimi said...

I have dreams that are like movies, with people I don't know, and with very interesting plots.Although I don't know the people, in my dreams I do know their names. Bizarre, right?
My kids seem to have funny dreams, because I've see them laugh and giggle in their sleep. They never remember their dreams, though, and I alwas remember mine.

Lirish said...

i get some very interesting dreams..i remember them vaguely in the morning..some of them are like some thriller so odette ..tell me ur dreams.. :)

Amy said...

I have weird dreams but mostly i have horrid nightmares/flashbacks of my op or something horrible happening to me and my mind goes all kinda strange lol! i wake up in shock, sometimes crying! i am fine by morning but if Steven falls asleep then i cant sleep and lay awake all night as i panick!..god i am strange haha!!

great post xxxxxxx


Amy wow hun that sounds like post traumatic stress stuff, you can be helped with that. P.T.S.D can affect those who experience any form of Trauma my love to you.

Odette great post! Dreaming is so weird, but they say we process alot of stuff in our sleep. Some cultures believe if someone has died and visits you in your sleep they really are there with you.....
Love Kirst


ROFL I just saw your email, i love it, your a crack up.
I also meant to say, a great new look on here also, you been working hard!!

Odette said...

thank you all for the comments. now, this is kinda funny, but i do remember my dream last night, which seldom happens as i always forgot about them the moment i wake up.
it's kind of weird though - iam in a strange country, with a gay husband, and living in a slum. waking up seems to be the next best thing!!! lol.
there it is lirish!

Lirish said...

What a dream odette.. lol..


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