Friday, June 5, 2009

What do you mean by winning?

Have you been following the NBA finals? Did you know that Orlando Magic beats Cleveland Cavaliers to move into the finals against LA Lakers?

My second son goes gaga over the defeat as he love Lebron James a lot. But it's ok, he now root for the Lakers. I am no fan of Lebron though after I have read what he had told a reporter during the interview on why he disappeared after the game. “It’s hard for me to congratulate somebody after you just lose to them. I’m a winner. It’s not being a poor sport or anything like that. If somebody beats you up, you’re not going to congratulate them. That doesn’t make sense to me. I’m a competitor. That’s what I do. It doesn’t make sense for me to go over and shake somebody’s hand.”

Say it again??!! Clearly, Lebron still needs to learn a thing or two about being a winner. Everything in his statement above is wrong, or smacks of bad values. Of course, it’s hard for anyone to congratulate someone who has just beaten him, but that is precisely what winners are made of. Being a winner is knowing how to accept defeat.

Of course, what Lebron did was poor sportsmanship. It does make sense to congratulate the person who just beat you up in a game—above all for real competitors. It does make sense to go over and shake somebody’s hand after he lent you a crushing defeat—above all for real winners. In fact, poor sportsmanship is the least of what’s wrong with what Lebron did.

Athletes are suppose to honor their opponent, because they make him better. And also because they challenges him to rise to greater heights. He should drive home the point that the competition is not an enemy, but rather an ally despite the ferocity of his opposition, despite the obstacle he puts in his path. Sports competition extends the point that in the end, an athlete is not really competing against other people, but is competing against himself. That’s where the real gold is.

Maybe he should watch more Star Trek so he too will know that the final frontier isn’t outer space, it is inner space.


Tracey said...

No idea about this sport but I believe in what you have always!
I haven't won the lottery yet but I will keep trying!
Love Trace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sid Brechin said...

There is a line in the movie Shall we dance. I think the Japanese version which far outshone the US remake. The dance couple who the male partner had is wig torn off by another dance team won an award. The comment was made. " It's a British sport and to them sportsmanship is more important than winning. I happen to agree. I have competed at some very high levels. I prefer a good fight to an easy victory even if I lose. I'm afraid in most cases these were literally fights as I was into Judo, Wrestling, and Karate. I also competed at the pro level in rifle shooting. ( thank God we shot at paper not each other ). However even in things like soccer it was a match well played not winning or losing that mattered.

Baden-Powell drummed that ethic into Scouting and I think over the years even there it has become diluted. I do believe most so called professional athletes are not sports men at all but rather professional entertainers. How they behave makes the difference between them being on a par with Oscar winners or strippers.

Mimi said...

What a sore loser! Lenron needs to go back to sportsmanship 101.
My kids and husband root for the Lakers. I just can't stand Kobe Bryant! I'm a half Lakers fan, the half without KB!

Odette said...

Lebron is the hardcourt superstar at the moment. his buzzer beater shots are ine too many and he is predicted to surpass michael jordan.
he knows a lot about basketball, but sadly he knows little about life...
its raining again here non-stop, ugh!!

Odette said...

i have heard coaches telling their wards that "winning IS everything!"
no wonder sports had become a battle ground of sore losers...
how are you today?

Odette said...

oh, hahaha! they wont the first game though. so does that make you half happy?

Tracey said...

Odette, want another award? this one you have to think about though as it entails writing a
Come get it xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Odette said...

wow another award..its always a welcoma. i dont mind writing a list trace, hahaha!
thanks! did you buy another lotto ticket yet? AA would love to come too, hahaha!

Angry American said...

There's something else nobody has thought of here. Every athlete deals with defeat in his/her own way. Most go through a phase of misery over a loss whether it's a championship or not.

I think Labron is totally honest when he said it wasn't meant as bad sportsmanship. But, I don't think he's used to his team being the loser while he's on the court. I don't think he can accept his team getting that far and losing either.

Maybe, in a few years, he'll come to realize that he's still gonna make over 30 million damn dollars a year whether his team wins the championship or not. That's what makes me sick above all else.


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