Monday, June 29, 2009

It's 1984 once again.

The Filipino jailbirds spawned a worldwide Internet hit two years ago with their morning exercise routine using synchronized movements based on the groundbreaking 1982 "Thriller" video.
The prisoners' dance found its way onto the popular Internet video-sharing site You Tube, where it developed a huge fan base.
The four-minute video has so far generated more than 27 million hits.

I know I will get a bashing from AA who have had enough of talks about MJ. He said his tv spews out nothing but news and tribute to the guy from morning till evening. I am sure as hell he won't read this post because just the thought about the subject would make him puke!

But I cannot help it. You see Michael Jackson's moonwalk had more than just an entertainment effect on Filipino lives. We live in a third world country, where rich kids could be living nextdoor to kids in shanties. Where the difference on paper between both family and anywhere in the neighborhood is staggering.

But they have one thing in common - Michael Jackson.

When "Thriller" hit it big, there were no more class devide left in the my country. There were no more rich, no more poor. Every teener had a copy of his poster or has a notebook or a bag or a plastic cup with MJ's face plastered on it. And everyone had tried to learn all the moves to "Thriller", or had bought a jacket like the one he wore in "Beat It", or figure out how to moonwalk. Many of the boys and girls tried to sing like Michael Jackson. Every street vendor sold a "minus one" tape of Michael's songs with no vocals so they could perfect their act.

Michael Jackson wasn't just music. When you live in the Philippine, it was a strange mix of being ahead and behind at once. We are close to Japan, so CDs and other neat technology was in our hands before the States. But the States knew what was hot six months before we did. There was no internet or cell phone technology to keep people in the loop. Yet Michael Jackson was hot at every time, all the time. He was our "connect". There wasn't anyone who wasn't a fan. There wasn't a boy who didn't twist an ankle or break his momma's vase practicing the moonwalk.

I am sure you too have probably watched so many MJ's video by now and didn't realize you were tapping your feet. Your legs have moved a few times to "Billy Jean". Ha ha, maybe even high-kicking that left leg, tossing sneakers across the kitchen! We all, once again, have no colors or class.

I believe that we are all quietly mourning in our hearts, maybe not shedding a tear, but on the outside you are paying tribute by singing along and tapping that foot. Whatever you believe about him, whatever you think he did or didn't do, however he died, whatever his issues, remember that as magical as Michael was, he was human just like us.

Yet his gift was to entertain, enlighten, perform, and give like no other(when he did a concert here, he took time to visit a children's hospital and even donated money).

We all know it. That's why we are tapping our foot.


Tracey said...

Yes MJ is on TV 24/7 here too, I have only seen snippets of that video of the jail's fantastic! I'm surprised Ray hasn't written a post complaining about it all.....we live in hope!


Odette said...

he cannot stand the way media played up his death coz it had been going on do you expect him to even talk about MJ?? he even avoided my post with Jacko's pic in it like a plague!!

living_with_ba said...

I didn't like MJ - *waits to be shot* never danced to his music, never brought his singles or albums...I'm sad that a man died, but I'm not grieving for him because I knew nothing of him.

Sid Brechin said...

When I see 1984 I think of Orwell's Book. As far as that goes we are more 1984 than we were in 1984

Sid Brechin said...

I just thought of something scarey how long do you have to be locked up to make the middle group.

I breifly me Vincent Price once the man who does the narration in Thriller. It was only long enough to get his autograph after I went to see perform a one man play. He was excellent in it.

Odette said...

i don't know him from adam either,but its the media that had soaked me up over MJ. actually i do not know which is the cause and which is the effect, the public compelling the media to soak up on him or the media setting the public awash in him.

Odette said...

omg, why haven't i thought of that!!! yes, those guys in the the middle must be on death row already and it could be part of their last wish!!!
wow, i laugh so hard over that one, LOL!!!

Sid Brechin said...

I was just thinking it takes time and lots of practice to get good. Maybe it's part of an escape plot. They want to go the road as the Ax Murder's Musical Dance and Dismemberment Troupe.

Bad Joke

Tracey said...

Hey, Congratulations on the post on the other blog Odette! About time too!!!!!

Mimi said...

Before Michael Jackson died, he was scorned b the majority as a phobic, weirdo, acccused child molester,too feminine, etc. Now that he's dead, he is the greatest musician ever. People are so strange...

Mimi said...

Odette, did you see the photos on TMZ of Michael at home with his kids? Now TMZ is saying he was not the father of any of his kids, and that the don't know who the biological mother of any of them really is.I feel sorry for his kids, since the media can't seem to let him rest in peace.

Odette said...

no i haven't seen it. but i too question how come all of jacko's kids are white. and even their features doesn't resembles that of michael. but what the heck, he cared for them and raised them as his own. the media should stop now and let him rest in peace.

Mar G said...

Oh Odette I've NEVER seen the jailbird 'Thriller' video before...Bobby & I just sat & watched it on your blog & its fab...MJ is on our tv screens & in our newspapers daily just now too...I love his music & especially loved 'Earth Song'...Regardless of what or who he was & what he did or didn't do the poor guy is dead, a Mother has lost her son, 3 kids have lost their Dad & a great talent is lost!


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