Thursday, June 4, 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my mind...

I have never been one to complain about the rainy days here and there. Actually, I rather enjoy them! When you are on occasional express of a constant sun, then the rain offers a relaxing change of mood.

BUT, it's been raining now for days! Sure a day of rain is always kind of nice. However the rain here does not just simply fall. Its a constant driving rain, everyday, all day and with no end in sight. It pours down in sheets, fast and heavy. It's intensity is equaled in strength only by its duration, which when combined makes for an awesome indescribable force of nature.

I understand now why they call this weather system tropical depression - they can easily make you depressed! This would make sense because after all we are living beings and when the atmospheric pressure were low, we would also feel low.

It's kind of weird, but the endless rain makes familiar people and places looked different and I feel closed in. I started to feel the way a bear must be feeling with winter fast approaching and all he can think of is hibernating for a few months until it all passes. Wow, maybe this is what you guys go through too during winter, huh?

And with the constant rain came the ants and cockroaches! I'm not sure if this is because all their usual haunts had been flooded out, or because all their regular food source had been washed away. Either way, I bet they quickly figured out where not to take refuge the next time the rains leave their lair flooded, hahaha!

Oh let me tell you though that we Filipinos never make a big deal about having to share our home with bugs and mice and rats. I too believe they have a right to exist - I know you're howling there Kirst! But with the rain falling endlessly, leaving not only my body but mind trapped, I obviously is being driven by the edge and began a frenzy of mass murder. I just suddenly had a real reason to vent my angst!!!

Poor bugs....


Tracey said...

You had better come here to sunny England for an holiday then! LOL

Sid Brechin said...

Tracey I don't think I have ever heard England described as " Sunny " before. Perhaps because my forebearers were Scots and still carried a grudge about Wild Bill Wallace.

I served in one of Canada's Highland Regiments as well. Many Scot's traditions there. For them I used to get a kick out of people getting no reaction out of any insult. Save one. Mistake them for an Englishman and they go nuts. I never really got it as we have had a single Monarch since James VI or I depending on which side of the wall did the counting. You have to hear Robin Williams on Scotsmen and Golf. Make sure your near a loo because it is that funny. I wore a kilt for years and it had me rolling on the ground.

Odette the term depression in that sense has to do with pressure which causes the storms to last so long. Cockroaches are immigrants here ( like almost everyone else, some of them even get elected to office ). If people were gone or left their home for a winter with pipes drained they don't survive. They may be able to survive a nuke but contrary to popular belief they can't survive a Canadian Winter.

Which really makes me think about your example. How are we supposed to be happy about weather even a cockroach can't live through. I used to love winter camping. I hope to get back into it. ( I got very good at it as a side effect of becoming a wilderness survival instructor in the Army. I hated winter warfare exercises though. Get home fall face first in bed fully dressed and sleep at least 24 hours.

Tracey if you have any Scots or Canadian jokes I would love to hear them. We love to laugh at ourselves. Many of the big name comic actors in Hollywood are Canadian. Weird Al ( who is American ) sells 3 times as many albums in Canada as he does in the states. In an interview where they asked him why his answer was " I think you get the jokes but never get offended ".

As for rain for years it made me very nervous and I had no idea why. I was almost amaphobic ( fear of rain ). Then one day I was telling a story about a night I spent on the side of a Mountain in a rainstorm and ended up close to dying of hypothermia. Suddenly I stopped looked at my wife ( I was still married at the time ) and said I think I know why I became afraid of the rain. From then on the fear gradually reduced to where it is no more than anyone else. I may have never had the fear if the temperature hadn't dropped below freezing when the sun went down. It was July but I was close to 10,000 feet up just below the tree/snow line.

I almost think I may like a tropical storm ( a short one ). I have been through a couple hurricanes in Florida but I doubt they are the same.

rattles said...

Hi Odette,
Sorry your being washed out! Its been kinda hot and sticky here in England for about a week though the last two days have been considerably cooler!!! Think that was our summer gone!!

Speak soon Lv Rattles Xxx

Odette said...

Yeah i guess England is sunny at this time of the year. but you promised you gonna scoop me up here and bring me there if and when you win in the lottery.
i am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Odette said...

cockroaches in the office? LOL we have those too, and monkeys, and crocodiles, and and's like a zoo in there!!!
oh the rain had stopped now. and please never be scared with a little storm, ours doesn't dropped the temperature below freezing point.
even continous rain wouldn't give us a chance to wear winter clothing as in reality things are as balmy and warm as any other day in the tropics.
boy, was i glad your pc is back and working well!!!
miss you :xoxo

Odette said...

where have you been? are you ok? i had been straining my neck looking for you!!!
iam glad to hear from you.

Mimi said...

I enjoy rain too. It's always welcome since we seldom get any here. Just eternal sunshine...
I hope that you see some sunny days soon!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Struggling with the idea of the UK being sunny... has changed climate so much since I lived there!!! Never even turned pink in the sun until I moved to new Zealand... which explains my skin aging well lol

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Rain has to be one of the more miserable weather conditions. You can't go outside anywhere and feel warm and comfortable. Give me crisp and dry weather anytime... and I had to scrape the frost of my windscreen this morning! Upside - it is sunny and still and a beautoful day already - and I am in my office, looking at the sun on the hills through huge windows - warm and dry :)

Also loathe cockroaches... which are not a problem down here - but I understand Auckland has plenty.
It has ants, and heavy rain too.... yuk.

My son is starting the monsoon in Bangladesh.. will be interested to hear how they get on!

Hope you feel better and less caged soon. Guess your circumstances mean your cage is not gilded!

Angry American said...

I love Weird Al too. He's great.

Do you have those "jack jumper" ants? Those are the meanest, most vicious ants I've ever seen. Thank god we don't have anything like that here.

When it comes to insects (especially the biting, stinging kind) I hate them because they really scare me. My opinion is, if I were to stroll into an ant's nest or whatever (a hell of a feat in and of itself) they'd rip me apart in seconds. So, why should I offer them any better hospitality than they'd give me?

House spiders I don't mind, too much, because they catch other bugs including the big, black carpenter ants. What I never did like is that them little suckers would rappel down a thread and suck some juice out of me while I was asleep. I used to find their bites all the time.

I've even caught one sitting on the ceiling above me and later it came down, hanging right in front of me. I'm assuming to have a snack. Scared the sh*t out of me too. >:(

Mar G said...

Oh Odette you would be totally depressed if you lived in Scotland?! ;-)
We have lots of rain....Even last year when it was meant to be summer it rained, rained & rained!
As you know we've had a week of great weather & high temperatures but today its chilly & has been raining!
My Dad tells me its because we have low pressure coming in from Iceland & that is bringing the cold & wet weather....We need the high pressure to come from England but Tracey is keeping it all to herself! The English sometimes are NOT keen to share with us Scots....Lol ;-)
As for the beasties they don't worry me....I'd rather have a cockroach to some humans!
Lots of love - Mar x

amna said...

speaking of rains, we just got through with it..i hate it, means we have to cut grass everyweek , rain makes them grow faster than lightning.
rats.. have lots of them lurking in my garage and stockroom, can't control it, they come from the field, my house is surrounded by fields, i used to call pest control before but i was just wasting my money, can't get rid of them, the good thing is they only stay in garage and stockroom no sign of their presence anywhere else.yep..just like living back there. am glad i still have that farm girl instinct, not afraid of any creepy crawlers.


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