Sunday, January 31, 2010

I wish my kids can just play tetris...

I was sitting beside my teenage son last night while he played a video game and I was watching tv. Suddenly a flash report came about two very young gangs in a riot in one of the cities nearby. I was struck by the age of those who are getting into the action. The boys are just between 10 to 14 years old! It wasn’t just heckles coz they were throwing stones and some even brandished knives and home-made guns while chasing the other kids. The police said young boys knew they won’t be jailed because of their age that’s why they are bolder.

I looked at my boy and noticed that the game he is playing is kinda violent and I could not help but wonder if the violence in the world becomes ever so apparent because of all the violent video games out there.

Oh, I'm not saying everyone who plays a violent game is going to become violent, but some do I guess. I think some young kids who played it thought it might be cool to go out and try what they play in the games. Perhaps those kids I just saw on television who have nothing but time on their hands had let their imaginations run with the games and decide to bring their imaginations to life, leading to very serious consequences. The reporter who is covering the action said it just started from heckling that ended to a violent street riot.

Violence is all around us and it's a shame that they have to bring it into the home via video games. It's no wonder kids think that seeing blood and guts is cool -violence is all around them - in their communities, schools, television, movies and now their video games - it's getting to be a way of life for them, so they think there's nothing wrong with it.

I firmly believe violent video games are contributing to real violence in the world - just look at the number of crimes being committed by young offenders. Not because it's in a video game so it must be okay, right?

Who else thinks we're sending the wrong message to our children?


Tracey said...

I agree with you Odette. Also, the violence in movies, lack of discipline in the home as well as at school all contribute to the idiots who create riots the world over.

bad penny said...

Joe does have some quite violent games but we talk about it and I feel I know my son pretty well.

It's the kids who are left for hours on end with no one vetting what they watch that are the worry.

They have no disipline or good role models and in some cases come from the most apauling backgrounds.

Not to say, however that a child from the most stable background can't get into trouble - they can !

Chicken Boys said...

It's sad, but probably true. I've played my share of violent games and watched the movies. But I came from a loving, stable family, and have a firm foundation. It still takes a lot to get me mad, and when I do I tend to keep it to myself. Riots? No thanks. I don't even like to get little cuts on myself. Forget knife and gunshot wounds!

Mimi said...

I do agree. However, I also think that just in general society accepts violence as a form of entertainment and it will probably not change its attitude anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

I used to think no, but when it comes to children, I think they are very influenced by the world around them. Parents underestimate this sort of thing, not only with games and movies but with schools, and behaviors. I think today, it is very important to stay involved, don't just pretend that it isn't there. Talk to your kids about it, volunteer at their schools as often as you can, so you know what your kids are around and experiencing when you are not around. Its actually pretty eye opening now adays, even at a young age. I think as long as parents are involved, and have boundries and limits, kids can still do o.k. Its a tough world though, and there is lots out there. Kids today have internet, game machines, cell phones and texting. OH my goodness, almost too much. And even if you don't allow your children to have all of this, their friends will. Whew, its definitely a little much. I also agree with Tracy, kids are not disciplined either. I swear nothing is really expected of them anymore, at school they practically give awards for showing up. Makes you wonder what achievement really is! Good post. Have a good day.

Odette said...

you squirm with the thought of getting cuts and wounds...yet you become a soldier. do you have an invisible cloak that will repel bullets?

Odette said...

the more reason we adults should show compassion to these kids. if they have little reason to see themselves as part of the society then they will likely feel isolated and angry when things go wrong and have fewer inhibition against being violent.
violence is a result of a callous and fragmented society and violent games is a reflection of these.


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