Friday, January 22, 2010

Love actually is ...

Oh well, I never thought I would be writing this blog so soon, but commercials have made me crazy! OK I'm not a bitter and cynical I have loved and been loved. It is just that I am not gaga over celebrating Valentine's Day even though those who had loved me felt an obligation to, which is another problem of mine.

I don't like things being done because you think you should! And all these commercials insist you adore your significant other with gifts on this one special day, duh!

In my opinion if you truly love someone then you shouldn't adore them in one day. Why not adore them every day? Not with gifts, but with just the simple things of saying “I love you” or “you look pretty” or “your amazing” or “your so cute”. Even by just listening when you need them to and supporting us when needed.

In my opinion it's the small simple gestures that mean the most. But of course, our media forces the supposed gestures, and I am actually insulted with people doing things that they think they should, rather than what they want to do. It is awful that many men are burdened with the thoughts of what they should do.

Just so you know, I will be spending valentines at home. So for all those that has joy in the typical Valentine’s Day, that's fine. But for me, I don't agree with the forced feelings and things you think you should do. And I don't think we should have only one day to express our love as that should be expressed everyday.

Case close.


bad penny said...

Hi Odette - when you click on your name at Tracey's it leads to your other blog ! but here you are over here so I'll add this one !

( I have two blogs - The Linen shelf is arty - The Hen House is chatty ! )

A friend who despises Valentine's day said to me he had a reason to like it now - as it is my birthday ! What a lovely thing to say.

My husband grumbles because the price of red roses goes up for V day - so I said " That's fine, I like lillies" I get flowers because it is my birthday and Valentins day in one go !

Anonymous said...

I actually agree very much with your post here. I love all holidays, and enjoy a little treat here and there. However, I see the commercialization of every little holiday now, and it sort of ruins it for me. In our house, we make valentines for each other for fun. The kids make them for my Husband and I, and we make them for each other. That's it. Its fun, and thoughtful, and the extent of our spending. It used to be children would have parties at school, and exchange Valentines and couples would buy cards for each other. But now its becoming like Halloween, Easter, and Christmas, a spending holiday. People go nuts with decorating, gifts and ect. I think a small amount is o.k., but its almost ridiculous now how stores gear up for these holidays, knowing how many people will shell out lots of money to have special Valentine decor, or gifts. You are also right that Love is something you do everyday through your actions. You can't make up for all the things you miss or don't take time for by buying gifts on one day. Many think they can go all out on Holidays, and somehow their spouses or kids, will feel all happy then. However, if you aren't loving daily in your actions, those people in your life will not feel all better because of one day. The truth is it is much harder work than that, but, if you put the work in, much more rewarding. Money and spending will not make you love more, happier, or have better relationships. I know so many people who always spend either on themselves or others, and are not happier. I know from experience now that it is not what you have in life or get in life, but what you do with your life that matters. Love should really be a daily ritual, not a one day spending event. The problem is, its easier to buy shiny fancy things for someone and forget all about the work part. So its refreshing to hear that one person doesn't go crazy with the material side of a holiday. When really it should just be a reminder of how we should be loving every day. Great Post! Always enjoy reading your takes on things.

Sid Brechin said...

If you want a good laugh go to yahoo answers and see who the top contributor for valentines day is.

I think you need to go to answers then culture and society, holidays, valentines day.

Mimi said...

Valentine's Day is great for young teens. They can give a card and let someone know that they really like them.
Our family always has dinner out or a special dinner at home to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Personally, I just love the colors-pink, lavender, and red, that seem to be on all the cards and the pretty rose chocolates from the dollar store.
My daughter is crazy about heart shaped things-jewelry, cookies, stamps, candy, etc. and her favorite color is pink so she is in heaven in February!
I think that it's ok to put a little extra effort in that one day of the year. Some people are shy or inhibited and this may just give them an excuse to say I care and feel ok about it!

♥ Amy ♥ said...

Me and Steven are soppy all the time...valentines day is just a way for shops to make money with soft rubbish. Steven usually gets me flowers or something but he does that all through the year also...


Odette said...

bad penny,
oh indeed there is reason to celebrate because it's your birthday. i will try to remember that, hahaha!

Odette said...

yeah this day is for those in a courtship stage as the guy will really go out his way to express his love to the lady he is wooing. but couples should not wait for this one day to express their love, although i admit that getting a flower from your hubby can be good too. but i would rather, he make me feel special by random thoughtfulness within 367 days of the year.


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