Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the excitement continue...

I wasn't able to watch the AI audition last night because I was at a friend's birthday party. Your damn right Randy, even if I enjoyed the company of friends and the scrumptious dinner, I was still thinking about it. Ha, ha!

You see, I like watching the audition more than the contest proper because it is HILARIOUS. Didn't you noticed that every year, more and more contestants than can reasonably be counted line up to prove to America that they have talent? But the problem is, the majority of these contestants have less talent in singing as I have in sewing. The strongest difference is that I have come to terms with my horrific craft, while several of the contestants seem crushed when they are told they lack talent.

Why do I continue to watch this train derail from the tracks? Good question, Ray. Now, listen...

Imagine that I am with my best friend when suddenly an epic moment occurs. "Zombie" begins it's 100th rotation on FM radio for today's playlist. Then my friend begins to belt the tone from this song louder and more powerful then a Boeing 747 during takeoff. The dilemma: do I tell my friend I would rather listen to the 747 gearing to go to whatever destination? Of course I can't. I would rather let Simon Cowell do it.

Remember the example from the beginning with your imaginary friend? When you want to see this friend again and again? Well Simon only has to see this person for 5-10 minutes at most then tell this horrific singer indescribable things about his/her voice that I could never speak of.

Oh, I didn't want to say that being mean is funny, but what better way to project a day of stress than my television set? It is just quite a relief to see others fail at something and never have the repercussion of saying how bad someone is at something. This doesn't make me a bad person - it simply provides me an avenue of projection that is needed to cope with life. I know that after auditions, I couldn't care less about what good singer actually makes it further.

I think the popularity of the show is based on the message sent subconsciously to viewers like me: It takes courage to stand in front of a sarcastic individual and present your best.

American Idol is entertaining, amusing, surprising, sometimes annoying, but generally a good clean fun. Got it now, Ray?


Angry American said...

I guarantee you when you're watching any reality show I'll be hiding under the crawl space of the house (or neighbor's house).

That's cruel and unusual punishment

Chicken Boys said...

Oh, no. I say put a sock in it. My favorite line? "Do you know why so-and-so sings that song? So you don't have to!" LOL A guy was taken out in cuffs last night b/c he wouldn't leave. Kara compared him to a lawn mower!

Mimi said...

If Simon really does leave AI, it just won't be as much fun!

Sid Brechin said...

I can sing fairly well if accompanied by several sets of bagpipes.

Something people who watch AI overlook is that of the judges Simon is the only one who does that for a living. He has to be able to separate the good from the awful when signing someone to a recording contract or he would go broke. He does not look at them as a casual observer but a pro.

I once took my daughter to a movie and thought omg the line is impossible. There was no line for the movie. Next door they were auditioning for Canadian Idol which at the time I had never heard of.

As for reality shows I'm with Ray. Green Acres was more realistic. At least Arnold the pig could act.

Odette said...

OMG, i saw that and i pity him when i saw his face drop when told he sounds like a vacuum cleaner. but what made me laugh so hard was the guy who ripped his pants when he did a split while singing. and simon telling him not to move at all. That was hilarious!


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