Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just human nature...

I was watching " Inside Edition" last night and I was shocked that they were still talking about Tiger Woods.

Why is it every time a celebrity messed up we have to hear about it over and over and over again? Are Americans, as a society, that interested? Or do they have nothing else to do? I know the media has to make a few bucks and has to exploit every little detail of a scandal. The media of course dictates what is news and what is not.. even when it is not news. But we listen.. and listen and listen. Why?

And then, in the same show they have this poll predicting the break-up of Brad and Angelina. People can't seem to admit that this couple could actually be happily living together!

I know, we love to watch people fail. Darn, we could find a cure for cancer in the next few weeks and yet people will still be watching the happenings with Tiger and Bragelina. Why? Because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Yes, yes! C'mon stop shaking your head. Its not that our self esteem is that low, but it does give us a boost of " hey maybe my life isn't all that bad". It makes us feel more successful than the person involved in the scandal.

It is common knowledge that celebrities go by a different set of standards. Not standards necessarily imposed by the celebrities, but standards imposed by us - the non celebrities. We make false assumptions that celebrities has no or little faults, which makes it way more hard to resist when a celeb falls from grace. We are reinforced that no one is perfect .

And Celebrities to us everyday folks are rich. Well, most celebrities anyway. The ones who can buy islands are a little better off then those who don't. We love it when rich people fail. Why? Because we are jealous! Deep down we want to be wealthy too!

For whatever reason, it is our nature to be judgemental and to gossip. No doubt, the media will exploit everything they can for a buck.


Tracey said...

What makes me mad is when the celebs complain about lack of privacy and intrusion, why become famous then?

Odette said...

the very reason i don't want to get into show business... i want my privacy!!

bad penny said...

it's human nature I think - it's going on here people talking about a friend of mine whose husband has admitted he was having an affair. It gets discussed over coffee so I have decided I will not go to coffee again until the talk stops unless it is productive talk on how to help.

Chicken Boys said...

My thing is who gives a "F' about these celebs marriages and relationships? Really!? I've got my own daily life of drama to deal with without having to figure out someone else's mess! Maybe my marriage isn't breaking up, but just like any other relationship we have things to deal with. But you were watching Inside Edition. It's all about celebs. You'll prolly want to avoid that show if it disgusts you. I usually do.

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Odette,
I would never want to be famous! Hollywood for example is NOT true to real life at all! Have you ever noticed no one stays together there? It is really sad! :(

I hope you are having a good day! :)

Mimi said...

I am so sick of hearing about Tiger Woods!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, makes me so glad I'm not a celebrity! Whew, I'm such a private person, I barely comment on the internet. I enjoy reading blogs like yours that bring up great discussions, or Tracey's that make me laugh. So I have to comment sometimes, as you bring up great topics. I am reading a book right now called "the Narcissism Epidemic." I guess we also live in a time where we constantly think our lives our something else. Don't get me wrong,I think its great to enjoy your life and share with others. One thing for sure, no matter how much I love my little life, I know in my gut that I am no better than anyone else, or more important, or more special. I remind my kids of that too. Its good to love yourself, but I don't think its good to be full of yourself. :) I think some of the celebrity stuff has rubbed off on our culture. People need constant attention for everything they do, and need to outside approval to feel good about their life. I see this even in my own family. Its kinda sad. Well another good post, and it evens goes along with my new book. Which talks about our celebrity infatuation.

Odette said...

thank you for leaving a comment and letting me know you like reading my blog. my page wasn't meant to champion any cause, or to convey any great message. it was meant to interact with others and to share ideas and learn something new. getting a comment about the topic is most rewarding coz it's where i learn.
i am looking forward to hear from you again,

Stella said...

Being famous or a celebrity is about gathering impressions. This goes back to the hero and the high mimetic one suddenly becoming low ironic by a tragic flaw.I find it fascinating because famous people also have much as in money at their disposal.Some choose to go to prostitutes and others like Brad &Angelina to break their marriage.It is not the coverage of the media which is their job that is actually is to blame but the behaviour of the individuals themselves because you do not see those very individuals building hospitals with their monies do you? These individuals thrive on the gathering of impressions and attention as they are tragically flawed and they ruin what they have to bring about with their downfall.I think things are a trade off.Famous is relative term and not an absolute term as you say you would not like to be famous.Fame is both empirical and dialectical simultaneously.Quite a balancing act........


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