Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wanna hold your hand.

Don't give up. Don't quit. Don't surrender.

These are three phrases I told myself almost every single day. The same three phrases I want to tell you. Why? Because life is tough! Like you, when things around me get really bad and I felt really depressed, I also thought of giving up as it seemed to be the better option – but in reality, it is simply the easier option.

Yes, I have been through tough times. I have also experienced having put all my effort into something, only to see it blow up in my face, and I felt like throwing in the towel so that I won’t feel as much pain. Blaming others, crying, shouting, complaining - these things are very easy to do at times when things are not going my way. That's why I am grateful that during these times I have friends like you I can depend on. Friends who, though far away, have made your presence felt.

I know that your life is more challenging than mine, or maybe not. But I will never know exactly what goes on behind your closed door because what you are going through is something I cannot even conceive of. But know that it hurts me not to be able to help you when you are depressed, and it is doubly difficult when you are so far away and I cannot be physically there to support you. My challenge now is to continue to let you know that I am here and that I understand what you are going through.

So, hold my hand... I will listen...


bad penny said...

two very good friends are struggling at the moment - one with depression & one over her marriage break up. I listen & support when I can and they know they can trust me .

Hope you have a friend who lets you rant - we all need to rant sometimes but the last time I did it was to a doctor... we ended up laughing our heads off !


Sid Brechin said...

I'm terrible at giving emotional support.

If someone is injured or cut or needing emergency attention I'm probably the person you would most want on hand.

If you need to be motivated or have a morale boost I know how to do that.

Even if you are falling behind in studies I can tutor if it's a subject I know. If it's a subject I don't know I can bring myself up to speed with you and help you working with you.

If someone needs a hand I can usually do it.

However, as far as providing emotional support I'm basically useless. I don't think it's a male thing just something I myself am not good at. Better at making a problem go away for good or eliminating it by whatever legal means available and pushing it to the limit if I need to. But I can't help someone learn to live with something which could be removed or dealt with decisively.

Odette said...

bad penny,

yes they do! that's why i know how much it meant to have someone who can just sit there and listen to my woes and empathize what i am going through.

Odette said...

You aren't only sympathetic, you take action and deal with the problem the best way you can. You're a friend many would want to have, and i am glad i have you.

Stella said...

It is almost as though your blog about compassion, empthy etc. is not written generically but for a specific person. That is how powerful it reads.That individual would be very fortunate to have such a supportive,caring,individual even hypothetically in their lives as you Odette. You are blessed...


I read the email, thanks hun and awesome post, you have a wonderful way with words, deep and meaningful. Ditto. Love always and giant hugs xoxoxoxo

Sid Brechin said...

You have always been a good listener Odette. To use an expression from this part of the world you have always been a friend one can lean on in time of need for support.


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