Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aiming high in 2010.

So ok, while the New Year is technically a new beginning, because it's the start of a brand new year- we are still the same people we were hours before, during the previous year. We can't change our basic personalities nor our major flaws simply because the calendar changes.

On the face of it, it does seem pretty absurd and downright naive of us to even consider that a new year would usher in a new us. What we usually do instead is make a new year's resolution to make a better us. And the honest truth is, we make it because we hope, and hope is a precious and beautiful thing, right?

You see, we won't resolve to make changes if we are convinced that our life is basically over. That's why I am so happy Sid is making one because it only proves that he truly believe that his life isn't irrevocably set. He wants to make some changes in his routine because he believe, that he might, just might, be able to alter his life this year. I know Kirst wanted to quit smoking. It is a brave thing to hope and braver still to act on it. Me? I am going to make some drastic changes in my personal life. So please, be with me during this journey.

Well, the positive side of New Year's resolutions is the fact that they encourages me to reach higher goals, and to make the positive changes in my life and continue to grow in all aspects. Even if Christmas makes me sad, the prospect of the new year always lifts my spirit up. It never fail to give me a "New Year's hope" that I so excitedly grasp at before the New Year has even begun.

Hope indeed, makes what previously felt insurmountable suddenly seem attainable. So lets feed the hope, and support each one's resolution because we just might watch a resolution become reality.

So what is it you want to attain this year?


Tracey said...

First aim is to get well! I hate doctors but I am giving in and going today as I am fed up with this sore throat and chesty cough! When I have my energy back I will think what else I want to do...xxxx

Odette said...

yes do need a professional help for your sore throat. it's been bugging you for a while and that's kinda disturbing that it won't go away. hope you will get the relief soon.
are the boys still keeping their fingers crossed yet?

Angry American said...

Mine aren't resolutions as much as goals. To resolve to do something is a damn good way to set yourself up for major let down. Anxiety, anger and depression are a more realistic result if things don't go your way.

Goals are things you can set in an more open minded, open ended way which makes them easier to stick to.

I only have two goals:

1) To visit Sid since he's not too too far from me. Things are a little more complicated than I had first thought since my car isn't in great shape but, that's what rent-a-cars are for.

2) To FINALLY save up enough for a plane ticket so I can FINALLY get a visa and FINALLY get to Manila.

The only other goal I would need is to hold on to what's left of my sanity while living here. That's more of an act of God than a goal.

Sid Brechin said...

You will be surprised how different people who are only a foot apart can be so different.

I've been in a number of states and it can seem like you are in a different country just going to the next county or parish.

People will know you are from the states by the end of your first sentence. ( Tracey you may take a paragraph ) Americans use their articles differently if the next word begins with a vowel it's an no a and Thee not the. Tracey would do the same as us. It is how we know so fast. How we can tell native born from immigrant is more complicated.

Weird Al says it pretty well in his Canadian Idiot song.

Chicken Boys said...

We usually have a big celebration. My mom usually has a party with fruit and chocolate fondue and sparkling grape juice for the kids and champagne for the adults. At midnight when the ball would drop at Time Square in New York we would all go outside and bang pots and pans. I couldn't tell you hao many I ruined as a kid by banging too hard! But this year we just decided that we could use a restful break....Sort of. LOL

Mimi said...

I resolve to be myself, to listen and wait a full minute before I talk, and to enjoy being me!


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