Sunday, January 24, 2010

A call for compassion.

An American had posted in Facebook his disgust over his country's 24/7 call for help and donations to Haiti. He complained that there are also homeless and hungry people in America that need immediate attention and he is so pissed by the urgency the government is doing to send aid to Haiti.

Well my take on the issue is this: no country is free of homelessness and poverty no matter what the condition of the country is but compared to Haiti, America is a lot better off. Americans have been proud of how great and powerful they are and I think this is their opportunity to show the world the kind of power they have by taking these very crucial steps in helping to aid these people that are in desperate need.

There are a mass number of people that lost everything and lost their own family because of this earthquake and if you watched CNN you would see the most disturbing images of bodies covering the ground of the city with no place to go. These people have nothing and no where to turn to, that if the the world wasn't there to save them, I could honestly say after this disaster there would be no Haiti.

We are a poor country but we tried our darndest best to help in our own little way. The world has helped us get back on our feet after the massive flood in Manila and now it's time to pay it forward and help the hundreds and thousands victim in Haiti.

We should not limit compassion within our own backyard...


Tracey said...

thanks for the comment......we can't all look perfect like you....!

Odette said...

you know i am merely goofing. it is a very funny pic and i get belly ache having to to hold my laughter or i'll lost my poise!
darn, i still can't stop laughing!!!

bad penny said...

This is a difficult one for sure & I have often thought how some people on the povertuy lines themselves feel about plees for disaster aid. Literally that - a natural disaster - it's out of their hands. not their fault.

I do wish the Americans who will not support a call for National Health Care could see ours - I have had to have loads of treatment and I have always had great care from the NHS .

When I lived in Spain I had to pay a very expensive private health insurance and guess would not cover a heart scan we needed on our unborn child nor my treatment - the consultant wanted to do a hystarectomy then.

But in the UK I went on to have another child ...all for free ! Well not free but a fraction of the cost the private insurance was.

This national Health system would help those in need - on the poverty line who can't afford private.

But then the people opposing it have probably never even left the States nor know of the big wide world out there.

Sid Brechin said...

Two biblical quotes

The poor will be with us always

The greatest of these is charity.

The big difference between the homeless in developed countries and the stituation in Haiti is one of urgency. Without imediate aid Haiti will end with many more deaths from thirst, starvation and disease. Disease could easily spread and hit the US. The Spanish Flu killed more people in 3 months than WWI did in 4 years.

Chicken Boys said...

I am proud that the US is helping in Haiti. There's a great need, and many Americans are more than able to provide. But I do often wonder why America is so quick to help other countries, but neglect the homefront. I supported the relief to Haiti. But many Americans will jump at the chance to send monies to aid overseas before they will help...say a single mom who has little help or they (celebrities in particular) will adopt from overseas without even looking at orphanages here in the states. I hope I made sense.

Mimi said...

I think that our country has done a great job in sending money and aid to Haiti. Don't let a few hotheads make you think that is how most Americans feel! My kid's school has raised money and sent clothing and shoes for children as well.
You are always so thoughtful and kind, Odette!
Hugs, Mimi

Odette said...

i saw the telethon spear headed by George Clooney. many celebrities were on hand to help and i am glad to see that these people still care. i understand though when you say there is restraint w/in your country but there is an excessive generosity when it comes to helping others.

All things nice... said...

Yes Haiti was a natural disaster so there was no way to prevent it, in some cases some homeless people have got themselves into that state- I dont mean all homeless people. The people of Haiti are in total despair and they have no where to go and no one to turn to.

All things nice...

Chicken Boys said...

I am not opposed to helping Haiti. I donated myself. But it seems help is only offered when tragedy occurs en mass. There was a lot of help when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. But singularly, people who can help are often quicker to send it elsewhere rather than help those (meaning one here, one there) who need help right here at home. God help those in Haiti.


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