Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Should I add one more?

I have three cats at home, the mother, Stray, and her two offsprings, Inee and Loki. Having more than one cat gave me the opportunity to observe feline society in all its quirky glory. And also, having more than one cat meant my feline friend will not suffer from loneliness.

I also liked to watch my cats play chase-and-pounce games or groom each other as they can be very entertaining. But of course I still get questions like - "why do you own so many cats?" Actually I never plan of owning this many as my house is small, but after the litter came what could I do, turn them away? I have given many of them as Stray gave birth to 6 set twice and each time I hate seeing some of them leave.

A cat to me is much like chocolate although of course, they don't taste as good. But you see, I just can't stop at one. They are addictive. Their little meows which greet me in the morning, the appreciative purr they give on my warm lap, and how they smooch up to me when they are hungry, the love they give... Ah bliss! See why I can't stop at one?

Now my Inee is pregnant and she will give birth soon to god knows how many. As always, I am excited to once again hear the pitter-patter of little paws. But my own kids are complaining. The cats are taking up their bed space and leaves fur all over. And when these litters starts to learn how to run my house will once again become a battle field. And even when in time it will settle down, this can also turn into a permanent state of being.

I know each and every cat is a blessing. This may sound weird, but I have arguments with my cats, and I have conversations with them. So even when I am excited with the prospect of being a grandmother anew to Inee's kittens, I also have to take into consideration my kids feeling on this.

Or should I just cross the bridge when I come to it?


Angry American said...

You gotta get those cats fixed or make them indoor cats only. Other wise you'll be known as a "cat lady" (not a good thing).

Tracey said...


Odette said...

whats wrong with being a cat lady? or is it an idiom that means something else?

Odette said...

why do i have a feeling you would say that? fingers rubbing the chin...

rattles said...

Hi Odette,

Thank you for your message on my blog last night. Jess was such an inspiration to so many people she will be missed so much. There is a jess shaped hole now.

It isn't joey's blog though lol- its rattles :-)

Jess has her wings now so that she is free to fly with all the other CF angels where there is no more pain and suffering and where she can finally 'Breathe Easy'

Thanks Odette for your kind words :-)
Lotsa lv Rattles Xx

rattles said...

sorry odette i sent you the same message or at least very similar one twice as i forgot that your posts are all checked by you before they go on to your comments bit. I am sorry. I thought that it hadn't done it and so typed it all out again lol. I will try and remember next time though i did say that last time didnt i :-)

Take care of yourself
Lotsa lv Rattles Xxxx

Sid Brechin said...

Not an idiom Odette a sterotype for a crazy elderly lady who lives alone surrounded by cats.

My Mom has six and I can rarely visit because I am allergic to cats though I do have one it means I have to take anti-histamines all the time.

My daughter rescued Mr Whiskers when his mother was run over by a truck. He was really to young to be away from his mom. Jess asked me to watch him until she could find him a home. Rocky helped raised him. We have had him for 3 and a half years now.

♥ Amy ♥ said...

more cats!! I now love them and would have more!! xxxx

Mimi said...

I feel the same way about my little dogs. I love them and can't imagine being without them. I'm sure that you'll do what you feel is right for you when the time comes!

Chicken Boys said...

You have to learn how to say enough is enough. I had two cats and let Mike keep two of the kittens, giving us four. I regret that decision as wonderful, funny, and enjoyable as they are. There IS a such thing as too many cats. Just ask Tracey.


Cats rock. Hey just leaving a message to say my blog has had problems for weeks and i think being hacked, that's why my picture disappeared weeks ago also. Its locked until I decide to either delete it or do something different. Im thinking of just sticking to my health care one, as that is the reason i started blogging in the first place, to support others, share ideas and stand against discrimination in the healthcare system. It doesn't suit everyone, but you cant please all :)

Sid Brechin said...

Kirst: I was thinking ( can tell from the smoke coming out of my ears ). There may be group which does just what you are trying to do. People in general don't know all the advocate and support groups but they tend to know of each other. Ask your new workers if they know of one and if they don't call one of the social service agencies. In this town the Salvation Army acts as a laison for them all other towns it's other agencies. Point is they or your member of Parliment's office should know.

Odette said...

Kirst, i can't find your blog. whenever i click on it says it has been removed. did you delete it? PLEASE, DON'T!


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