Monday, January 11, 2010

Desperately desperate.

I wish I am someplace else...

I can’t stand the sight anymore.

I am very much aware that alcohol has the ability to completely change someone's temperament and attitude. But I have to deal with it and hope against hope that he won’t behave badly while he is not in a sober state. I have seen this many times before and I already know that trying to reason with someone when he’s drunk is a completely hopeless and useless exercise. There is a very good chance that he won’t even remember the majority of the words I say while he is intoxicated.

As the sober person in this situation I have to make sure that me and the kids will be safe. So it is necessary we stay out of his way and agree with what he is saying even if it does not make sense, simply to defuse the chances of the situation becoming violent.

Of course, he has deep unresolved issues he had not dealt with, and being intoxicated lowers his inhibitions and frees him up to act out his pent up emotions.

So, he hid these emotions when he is sober - that’s why he drinks?

But drinking won’t solve anything!!!

Didn’t he realize that while he drinks to drown all his problems, people around him have learned how to swim away?



Sid Brechin said...

Around here the thing people in your situation are taught is go out call the police they remove them and part of their bail if let out is do not touch booze. Having a single drink revokes the bail and they are back in jail this time no bail.

If you want to be patient wait till he is over and tell him he used up his last chance leave and have the police make sure he stays away. If the kids decide to take his side then they can go with him. It's called tough love. However it beats the alternatives. Funerals for loved ones at the worst a life of terror and fear at the best.

Tracey said...

I know who you are talking about & you know what I think about it. Bless you, I hope you will be saved by your knight in shining Armour very

Mimi said...

Odette, what a bummer that you have to deal with that crap! You are absolutely right, though, you and the kid's safety is most important.
Sending a prayer and a hug to you, Mimi

Angry American said...

I'm telling you Odette, whether you like it or not, I seriously need to sell a kidney. Then I can finally get over there rent us an apartment.

Sid is right. If he gets out of hand just call the police. I'm sure they'll have one or two laws to arrest him on like disturbing the peace or threatening. And try telling the land lord to get an eviction notice against him. He doesn't pay for anything anyway so what've they got to lose?

Chicken Boys said...

I'm not one to tell anyone how to handle their own relationships, but I can say that's not one I would stay in.

Odette said...

Neither do I Randy, neither do I...


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