Thursday, January 7, 2010

Say it again?

It’s 2010 and over the years, many popular catch phrases and slogans have come and gone. Of course, many of them have faded with the sunset while others have stuck around a little longer. But we all know the phrases that reach popularity are often the most annoying. This can be because of the overuse of them, or simply because they just don't make sense.

You must be a redneck.

I am not familiar with “rednecks” but I have grown familiar with this phrase from Ray who always got a laugh poking fun at people shopping at Wall Mart. I think this phrase generally, is followed by an example of something that could make someone a redneck. If you’re an American and have ever listened to these little phrases, you already know that anyone that breathes could be a redneck. Or you might be a redneck if you are tired of hearing this crap.

"So easy a caveman can do it."

This is something Sid could say a lot, knowing how adept he is with rocket science. But I think an insurance company uses this phrase and the caveman characters, to illustrate how simple getting insurance from clients could be. Okay, so the insurance is simple but the hard part is finding cavemen. There are none left so how do they know a caveman can do it? Also, how stupid are they calling our ancestors anyhow?

"It's easier said than done.""

We still hear this phrase a lot today. It is true that it’s easier to say something than to do it. At the same time, though, how do you know if you aren't doing it? Rather than talking about how easy something is, why not put forth some effort and find out?

"Were you born in a barn?"

This phrase would come from someone annoyed of your stupidity. The problem is, if you were born in a barn, you wouldn't understand what he is saying anyway. So, the next time someone asks that, answer with "Neigh" or "Moo". That will fix it.

"You can't have your cake and eat it too.

What would you do with a cake if you can't eat it? We certainly can't take it out on a date or shop with it. A cake is meant to be eaten, not set on a counter and molded or stared at, which is kind of what this phrase makes us think.

Hit me up.

This phrase means that you should call or write someone. It just sounds so violent though. Why would you want someone to hit you up? Better yet, what would you do if someone took you for face value, balled up their fist, and hit you up-side your head? You probably wouldn't say that phrase twice.

Oh okey, this list can go on and on... but no matter where you go, there will be another silly saying that makes you prefer the sound of screeching nails on a chalkboard, rather than hearing those horrid words once again.

How about you? I would like to know what other annoying catchy phrase you could share.


Tracey said...

I hate,
If it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger.
You don't get handed more than you can handle.

Mimi said...

"I'm just saying"
"your mom"
"I tell you what"
"Hold on"... especially annoying coming from my kids
"Whaz up"
"Whatever!" rude!!!

Angry American said...

"You don't know shit from shinola"
I've heard that all my life from my dad but it wasn't until a few months ago I found out shinola is shoe polish. That phrase makes a lot more sense now. 8)=

"Take this job and shove it"
Although it's from an old 70s or 80s redneck Country/Western tune, I still love it. Wish I had said it to a couple of my bosses :D

"You're gonna have my foot up your ass soon"
I think it's pretty obvious why I like that one.

"What's your major malfunction?"
Sid might've heard that in the military.

"What's up with that?"
A little nicer than saying "What the f*ck?"

"Yo mamma!"
The ghetto version of Mimi's "your mom"

That's all I can think of for now

Chicken Boys said...

To start with, I absolutely hate the Geico commercials (and I have Geico insurance). I don't wanna hear about cavemen, gecko lizards, or 15 minutes could save you again!

I can't stand when people say (and I hear it on the news a lot) "You know what I mean?" No, I don't know what you mean. If I did, I would need you to tell me!


♥ Amy ♥ said...

I hate

'"£$£ happens'

'no pain no gain'

'told you so'

'your looking good...are you sure your ill'

arghhh...I could go on lol! xxx

Sid Brechin said...

Ray yes I heard that one but the full quote is "What is your Major Malfunction, Numbnuts" It is used in the movie full metal jacket which is a military rifle round. Hollow points are against the Geneva convention. Also the military ( real ones ) would rather wound than kill.

Kill an enemy and you take out one. Counting doctors, nurses, medics evac personel and administration for every wounded enemy it takes on average 8 to look after him.

As for " Were you born in a barn? " I Love it when someone says that to me. Why because I can answer. " Why yes and then they lay me in a Manger"

Sid Brechin said...

About the Caveman comment. Yes it is part of an insurance advertising scheme they picked cavemen as since there are no real ones they won't get sued. ( Ray or Mimi would understand )

We used a variation in the Army which was in effect. " If your Caveman ancestors hadn't been able to figure it out you wouldn't be around today " Which implies go back and think about it don't make me show you how. A comment normally only made if the person speaking is a few ranks over the asker and asker should know the answer or on a training course where you are supposed to figure it out.

An example of a course where every little detail is shown to you is any weapons course.

The courses where you are given tasks and no help are leadership courses.

Of course these can also be individual subjects on larger overall course. Such as any promotion course includes a version of Basic much more difficult then the Basic you took when you took Basic.

Clear as mud.

One expression I cringe when I hear it. "Awesome" the word means to fill one with Awe or have the fear of God put into you. Like having lightning hit six inches from you. No outfit can ever be Awesome. Mind you a unit like say the Black Watch of Scotland's whole Regiment in Full dress would qualify. I think Tracey will be able to relate to that.


Yeees Trace I hate those sayings also, they imply that the person saying them really hasn't got a clue what your going through and also doesn't want to hear what you may be whining about.
Another one I hate is "get over it"

or there are those out there far worse than you.......

great post hun


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