Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old politicians never dies.

I was thankful I have Facebook account because through it I was able to follow the happenings and recent events in my home province. I just need to open a link and viola, I have the front seat in a heated debate of the time – election.

Please note that my hometown Sagay is a very young and vibrant city teeming with brilliant and young minded people who have the potential to become good leaders. But as far as I can remember, our leaders or politicians continue to fight during elections and get elected till the ripe old age.

So, when should a politician retire? When he wants to? Oh sure, we human beings are blessed with the power to know when it’s time to stop… but do they?

Some say that a government position needs experienced leaders, and that they should be old and wise, because young politician aren’t mature enough. But wait, didn’t they start young themselves and kept going? I know of many successful young politicians who became great statesmen! Personally, I don’t get how a 60+ years old, generations removed, can understand the ways and life of a 30 something. Despite their lack of wisdom and experience, what young people do bring to the table is a different perspective, one significantly lacking in people who are more 'set in their ways' - often the old ways.

Debates over this can go on and on… but we know that every job comes with a retirement age. So how come that a job of being a politician doesn’t? In fact, for politicians it is said – the older the better!

What’s your take on this?


bad penny said...

umm food for thought !

Chicken Boys said...

What's wrong with a mix of young and old politicians? To me, a politician is a politician.

Sid Brechin said...

I personally like the idea Robert A Heinlein put forth in his novel " Starship Troopers " not the book which has only a superficial resemblence to the book. In that book you had to earn the right to vote and you earned it by military service. No one could be turned down the military would find you a job within your abilities. If you quit or were discharged dishonorably you did not get the right to vote.

I don't think stupidity has an age limit. Or any limits on it's supply. It was Albert Einstein who said " Only Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe.

Like lawyers politicians should be buried at least 20 or 30 feet deep. That's on the off chance deep down there not so bad.

amna said...

dette, there's a saying "Never Trust Politician and Lawyers" Politics is power, once you have the power then the human within you starts to dispel..Everything has an ending, eventually it will fall down in its own course. see, I'm back, FB is burning hot.(lol)

Anonymous said...

Nver Trust Politican and Lawyers

Odette said...

glad to hear from you again. you are truly missed! drop by often, ok?


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