Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spreading sunshine!

Another post in one day, wow! It's because I got an award from Mimi and I am too excited to share it you, my dear readers.

First, I would like to thank Mimi for this sunshine award. I am happy that something on my blog spreads a bit of sunshine to those who read it. So okey, I'm supposed to pass it on to my twelve favorite bloggers, so here they are:

Sid - my oracle & guide to all things science and beyond.

Mimi – she’s a wonderful mom and has lovely ideas of what to do with kids!

Tracey - because I laugh, cry & learn all from one blog.

Randy – because he and Mike are cool and how I wish they were my neighbor.

Jenni – i love all of her photos and ideas and she’s a constant source of inspiration

Amy – because she has a lovely family and this makes me want to have more babies!

Penny – she makes me want to pack up and move.

Joey – because she is a stunning writer, a great friend and an exceptional soul.

Ray – because I can compel him to comment or do I need to say more?

Bren – a stunning photographer and her garden is just bursting with life!

Arun – because he writes beautifully and inspires.

Boysie – where do I start, one day I just found myself writing a blog because of him.

Oh there’s more than 12 bloggers I want to give this to, but you know who you just grab the gerber daisy and paste it right on your beautiful blogs!

This is also to express my appreciation to those of you who visit here every day and make me feel like I'm connecting with real people and not just figments of my imagination. I especially thank those who left comments, because it's way more fun to have a conversation with you guys than to talk to myself. (Not that I would mind talking to myself if that was all that was available to me. But most of the time, other people are necessary. So...thanks for being my "other people."

And thanks for allowing me to be your other people, too! I can't tell you how much I enjoy visiting your blogs and getting a little glimpse into your thoughts and lives. What a remarkable bunch of men and women I've met in this bloggy journey. You truly inspire me!

So pick up that award and have some fun with it! And if you are a lurker, say hello.
That would make my day!


Arun said...

Wow! My first award!!! And it feels so right that its coming from you Odette!! Thank you so means a lot. I am super are the real inspiration...

Loads of love!!

Odette said...

you promise to write more often... so i am waiting with bated breath.

bad penny said...

THANK YOU !! I SO needed this today !

I'm glad we are each others' Other people and thanks for the really lovely thing you said about me !

Perhaps we can plan a Bloggers' holiday... or retirement home together !!!!

Odette said...

A retirement home would be lovely...what a crazy bunch we would be! (why do i keep seeing women sliding downhill naked?)

bad penny said...

I don't know... it could be something to do with our lovely friend Tracey ?!

Tracey said...


Amy said...

Thank you very much Odette...thats really cheered me up :) xxxxx

Sid Brechin said...

Ray you can always plead the 5th.

A blond friend of mine recently joked to me that the blond version of the 5th.

Is " Right, I'm not permitted to say anything unless it helps you catch me right? "

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Odette,
Congratulations on your sunshine award and thank you for thinking of me when you passed it on! That is so kind of you! :) I will remember to pass this on as well! I hope your cold passes quickly and you feel better soon!

Have a great night! :)

Bren said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this wonderful award! I am super honored and very sorry it took me so long to get over here. ((HUGS)) I will make a special location on my new blog for this award ODETTE!

living_with_ba said...

Thanks Odette, I shall pass this one on to others too!


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