Monday, February 8, 2010

Changing one's decision.

"If I only knew then what I know now..." That lament pretty much sums up how I feel about the bad choices I made in the past.

Like everyone else, I have made bad choices in life because I am human. I am not perfect and I do not know the answer to every question, nor the solution to every problem. But making bad choices is inevitable, because we make so many choices in a day that it would be so darn impossible to make perfect choices all the time!

Okey, Okey! I regret quite a few of those choices I have made and there were times I wish that I had a time machine so I could go back and make a different choice... Or would I just be opening myself to a whole new set of choices that could be wrong?

Anyway I think it will be fun to think what choices we would rather have if the circumstances presents itself again. Here's some of mine:

I should have learned to drive.

I think learning to drive would be a more satisfying experience and practical rather than having to depend on my cat to take me where I want to and when I want to.

Push-up bra.

I am not saying I should wear one all the time, but I think every woman should own one after they turned 30.

Choosing a husband.

I husband should not be an accidental acquisition but he should be the result of a deliberate choice.

Missed opportunities.

If I want something bad enough, I should have gone for it.

Actually every experience I have, whether good or bad, contributes to the person I am today. I have had wonderful moments and tragic ones. I have been incredibly happy and horribly depressed. I have had moments in my life that I sometimes wished had never happened.

But for every one of those moments, something was learned...


Angry American said...

Almost every choice I made was bad news but I wouldn't have a life planned out with a wonderful woman if I hadn't.

Tracey said...

Sounds like most peoples lives. You just have to go with your instinct, (right or wrong) at the

Mimi said...

You have your wonderful sons as a result of your marriage, so there was some good. We never know what will come of the decisions we have made.
As for driving-
Odette, you can still learn to drive!
Yes, a push-up bra is a very good thing.
Choosing a husband-that's up to fate!
Hey, we're only human...

Chicken Boys said...

I chose to read your post....good choice. :) I don't have many bad choices. Little ones that really have no consequence maybe. I chose Kung Pao Chicken the other day cause I didn't know what it was and wanted to try something new. Bad choice. I don't care for peanuts or green peppers, and that's mostly what was in it. My biggest regret was playing volley ball with my friends instead of going to class when I was in pre-med. I could've been a doctor!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone makes bad choices. We have to learn somehow and for most of us that means messing things up. One thing I realize as time passes is that, the ones still there after the bad choices, are the ones who really love you. I have seen people come and go, good or bad choices. But the ones still there after you mess up, really care about you and love you. I guess in that way we need to make bad choices to see who will love us despite our imperfections. I"m thankful for that because it makes me appreciate those people even more. Have a great day

Odette said...

yes, choices are made by what seemed best at that time. only later when the result fail to meet our expectation could we say " wow, that was a bad choice!" but then we learn to deal with it and move on. the important thing is we recognizes it and try not to make the same mistake again. but those who refuses to learn from their mistakes deserve to be kick in the head, hahaha!
thank you all for leaving a comment.


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