Sunday, February 14, 2010

A cold truth, too.

I noticed that Tracey normally has a cold at the onset of the winter season. Me, I got it w/o warning. Maybe its the dust or the changing of atmospheric temperature. I just woke up today with a sniffles, a triple-double sneeze which causes nasal drip, a tickling on my ears and I am having congestion like I am plugged up.

I really hated it when I have a cold because aside from the discomfort, I have to deal with a running nose. But I got to do what you got to do!

There is blowing my NOSE and then there is BLOWING my nose. When it gets really itchy then I do the latter but only after I had excused myself to the comfort room. Besides, I think it is better to wipe and blow my nose that is running than to let it go and end up in my mouth as this can really be disgusting. At least I don't squeeze my nose, and throw its content on the ground!

Yuck, some people even make a big production of it and make a real loud blow and look at it afterwards, which is really rude and gross. And have you encountered guys that will just put their thumbs up to one nostril and blow and then do the same on the other side? That's not just rude but CRUDE! And when they wipe it on their sleeve or down the side of their pants...darn, that's just so unsanitary!

But of course, all of us get a cold once in a while and sometimes we don't have the option of staying home or out of the public eye. If somebody is offended by me blowing my nose in public, they are most likely some stuck up prude that I could care less about anyway.

What's a nose for if not to release mucus from and we need to blow to get it out. We all have to do this at one time or another and it should not be considered bad manners.

How about you? What would you do when you have to blow your nose in public?

Ooops, here's another one coming! Prrrrrrrrrrrt!


Tracey said...

BLOW! Theres nothing more annoying than standing next to someone who keeps sniffing is there! xxx

bad penny said...

as discretely as possible ! A friend of mine leaves her used tisues screwed up on the table - even in a cafe ! yuch !

Sid Brechin said...

With a cold like you are describing many of us who live and work in Temperate zones like Tracey & I ( note of jealousy Odette lives in the tropics ) get more colds this time of year as we are almost always inside so exposed to more infected with them.

Also the nose thing is more than nose but the whole sinus area Which leads to pressure and headache from pain plus possible sore throat. Popular years ago and becoming now again is irrigating the sinuses with normal saline. Just salt water in a squeeze bottle squeezed up each nostril to flush the mucus then blow. Along with an anti-histamine which for years was taken alone it is much more effective. Some of these sprays have the anti-histamine in them. They are slightly more effective as they hit the effected areas but much more effective. Especially if you are slightly frugal don't share the sprays ( which you should not ) you can refill them with warm salt water. Sea salt prefered. Pure water burns as the inside of our body except of drinking is not used to it.

Use it first thing in the morning and don't be cheap with it wash out all you can. You will feel better for it and as I said once you have maybe 3 spray bottles you can make your own. Besides it is cheap about $1.29 a bottle compared to $7.89 for the stuff with the anti-histamine in it. I take a separate anti-histamine as I always have them on hand for allergies.

One aside they are good in a first aid kit for cleaning wounds without pain. The pressure from squeezing helps with some pressure to flush the dirt etc away.

Mimi said...

I usually try to head for the restroom.
I hope that you feel better soon!

Tracey said...

You have been tagged.....! XXX


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