Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't ask. Don't tell.

Just a short post because I just want to get this off my chest.

You see, I was in my room this morning sipping coffee while watching BBC news (I prefer this than CNN) and I am intrigued at the debate over Obama’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

I am not an American, but I distinctly remembered Obama’s campaign policy of creating a new America which is open and accepting. Then how can he deny gay people from serving in the military as this will stand opposite his own promise of change!?

As far as I know, being gay is not against the law, therefore this policy is against the American way that promises freedom to all to live their life the way they want.

What is the difference between a gay service member and a straight one? What is it that makes a gay person not fit to serve openly in the military? Do they have a gene or something that makes them unfit?

I listened to the Conservatives opinion on this policy and again they are bringing in religion to the debate. I cannot help asking if they are happy discriminating against their fellow citizens just because their lifestyle is "different" and how would they feel if their own child, friend, family members was gay and was being denied the opportunity to serve their country?

Oh well, for a country that talks about promoting fairness around the world, America better start it at home.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you for saying this! America should be free for all to live as they chose as long as they do not hurt anyone.
Obama needs to hold up to his election promises, as well as all democrats. As I remember correctly, it is liberty for all, not for just the few we agree with. It sickens me that it is even a debate. After all these men and women are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and yet are treated like second class citizens. I wonder if all the hoopla is really because so many are afraid, afraid that if they say o.k., that they are somehow giving permission for people to be gay. All I have to say from gay people I know, is that they feel they don't have to ask permission of anyone, and are tired of being told they have too. When we will learn from our mistakes. The same liberty we expect, we must give to others. Lets face it, this isn't about beliefs, people can believe what ever they want, this is about control and power over others. Insecurity breeds these problems and will continue until we realize that. I appreciate your courage to write this. I think people can believe something is wrong and still respect that in America all citizens should be treated fairly by our laws and government. This is clearly bigotry at its best!

Odette said...

my only point is, people shouldn't be treated as less human simply because he/she prefers to be with someone of the same sex. it is very ironic to put on a uniform and swear to defend it, to willingly give the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, yet, be denied by your own people the basic freedom - freedom to love someone you choose.

Anonymous said...

I personally do not have a problem with it at all, I'm with you that people should be able to love whom they chose. However, try telling that to the religious right in this country! Whew, watch out! They want this country to be founded on their religious values, not on freedom for all. So that is where a lot of conflict is. The republicans and democrats both feel they have to cater to this element to get the vote, and it has really hurt our country. I think of this movement at times to fall in line with the extremism you see in the middle east. Its scary sometimes. And if you must know, I find it gaining momentum in the south, mainly the bible belt area of our country. Interestingly enough, these areas also have the highest crime, divorce, and lowest education. Sometimes I just can't believe the hypocrisy. Well, hopefully it will get changed for all the decent people who serve our country and risk their lives for our so called freedom. Sadly enough though we will see this hotly debated here. I guess we still have a lot to learn about what freedom truly means.

Odette said...

America has democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives...but what the heck, the force don't take sides! the military is a symbol of national unity and national strength. It is not a partisan institution, so i don't understand why they should put a label on it.
god bless us all!!!

Tracey said...

2 things that ruin the world....religion and politicians...I've just watched the BBC news too, Why can't people live and let live, if these boys and girls are brave enough to volunteer to fight for their country why the hell does it matter what their personal preferences are? It is after all PERSONAL to them! Great post....

bad penny said...

I hate discrimination of any kind full stop.

Chicken Boys said...
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Chicken Boys said...
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Sid Brechin said...

Imagine having to shower with someone who is always checking you out and with the governments approval to do so. Try to place yourself as the only female forced to shower in a room full of men every day.

I've been hit on in public and simply say not interested leave. You can't do that when you are forced to share living arrangements with someone.

You WILL experience harasment from these people. In the form of unwelcome advances. I have witnessed it in the workplace here.

I have also seen them promoted based on being homosexual. In fact I recall a time when that was pretty well the only way to get promoted.

I have nothing against them serving. However I do not want to have a choice bathe or be target of sexual advances I don't want.

While at it the next step may just be to separate men's and womens prisons.

It may well be the next step.

Put yourself in the place of the soldiers sailors and airmen. Not the group who coined the phrase "political correctness" .

Angry American said...

"The Anointed One" Lord Buckwheat Obama stated very clearly in his State of the Union address that he wants to get rid of the "don't ask don't tell" policy. All of the military's joint chiefs sitting in front of him looked like they wanted to shoot him between the eyes or toss a frag grenade at him. He also made it very clear he wants an open gay policy in our military.

I agree with both you AND the others. Although I've never had a gay guy come up and ask me out directly, I sure have had my share of them looking at me like an after dinner mint. I even had a gay guy tell his boyfriend "I wanna f*ck that ass" when I bent over to tie my shoes while walking away from them. I'm not sure if he knew or cared if I heard him.

(Note to self...next time, take the risk of tripping on your laces and falling flat on your face when around gay men)

I personally don't think gays (especially scary, masculine, bulldog dike women) are any less capable of serving but, I totally agree with the privacy issue when straight people are forced to live with gays. I don't care what they do in their own bedrooms but, I'm not sure I trust what they'll do when I fall asleep in the next bunk over. The idea of waking up and realizing I was a gay man's "blow up doll" is a more than I wanna think about.


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