Thursday, February 4, 2010

Money, money, money!

I saw this at the 6pm news. The lotto prize money as of last night is over 500M and as usual there's a long line of people waiting to buy a ticket. All of them with a twinkle of hope in their eyes. Why not? Hard work and tedious odd jobs won't get them anywhere fast and working until the ripe age of 60 years and getting only a tiny fraction of the money isn't appealing. Winning the lottery, is!

You know whenever I hear someone hitting the jackpot I automatically think " I wish that was me!" and I admit I get a little jealous. Then I would think " what will I do with all that money?" Well honestly I doubt very seriously if that is something I will ever have to worry about because I come from a large family. But just the same, it is fun to think what I would do with half a billion. Yes, a B!

Okey, the very first thing I would do is to call the telephone company and get an unlisted telephone number. I am sure that people I have not heard from in years will all of a sudden want to be friends with me. Hmmm...does that mean I have to change my email address too?

Second, I would definitely give a chunk of my winnings to my 3 boys and my grandchild. My boys are old enough to decide on what business to venture and how to manage their finances so they would always have some kind of an income. I would want to make sure that each of them have an adequate home, paid for and a good vehicle.

I would want to build a retirement home in Sagay. I don't need a mansion and I don't really want one but just a nice comfortable low maintenance house that will last me and my partner the rest of our lives. I am never been one that has to keep up with the Jones's.

Then there's my relatives and extended families. I want to give each of them huge money so they can pay off debts and probably start their own business. I am by no means a greedy person and I would be happy just to use the money to fill in the blanks that I haven't got at the moment.

An animal shelter will definitely be something I will have to tick in my list of projects. And I most definitely love to travel. I want to see other parts of the world and feast my eyes on the different sights they offer.

Ohhh, it's so much fun to dream, isn't it?

If only I had bought a ticket...


bad penny said...

that's a lovely list.

I would want to help out family & friends & buy a holiday house in Spain.

for my husband there is no discussion - a lovely yascht his dream

Chicken Boys said...

Our current power ball here in the US is at 140 million. I'd give my parents, grandfather, and each of my brothers and sisters a couple of million each. Then I'd do some world traveling. Then I'd disappear somewhere in Africa, S. America, or the Carribean. Of course I'd support certain charities, but no one would know who or where it came from.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, its more about the freedom, then stuff. Simplicity means happiness, and most of us simple people would be happy to just to know that our family and ourselves, were going to be fine, and could help others. Money can buy peace of mind, and I think in turn for people that are not spenders, it could mean happiness. I knew a person once that won a smaller lottery, and blew the whole thing so quickly. She ended up in debt. It was sad, she did share a lot too, but her constant need to buy really hurt her. I used to spend more, but I have found even small purchases don't give me as much joy as just having time to enjoy family and friends, hobbies, and of course good food! So sometimes I dream too! It would be so nice, and I wouldn't need much to get by either! So here's to dreaming! Have a great day!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Odette,
I wrote you a message, but somehow deleted it before I could publish it! :)

I like your list! Sometimes my husband and I talk about what we would do if we somehow found ourselves in charge of significant money. It is fun to think of! There are so many things I would love to help people with, things I know would make their lives a little easier! I also would LOVE to pay off our mortgage! Can you even imagine the freedom of having your house paid off? It would be wonderful! :)

I hope you are doing well! Have a beautiful day! :)

Tracey said...

You know the first thing I would do don't you! Pay for the best doctors in the world for Amy & Paul, and share the rest

Sid Brechin said...

I think I would pay off the rest of my familiy's bills. Set up a couple of Trust funds and the basically disappear into the mist. Making contact at Christmas and Birthdays but mainly. Travel to places people don't go to for vacation.

There are a few tourist things I would like to do. Climb Mt Fuji in Japan but most of what I want to see there is off the tourist maps.

I would like to see a couple of 2 thousand year old battlefield sites in Italy and Greece. Visit parts of Scotland. Wallaces battles and also retrace a route my Great Grandfather walked in two days in 1900 at age 12 he walked from Dundee to Glasgow to look for work. His memoir he mentioned on his first job he got very scared. He was a refreshment seller at a live theatre. The play was Hamlet and when the ghost of Hamlets father apperared it scared the beans out of him.

I would like to get to know the worlds people. Stay long enough to become native speaker fluent and literate then move on.

I may not live forever. I do however intend to die trying too.

amna said...

i could give away to relatives and charities, all i need is something to suport my needs (that includes,vacation, luxury car, decent clothes) dream home a villa overlooking the sunset on an ocean. simple dreams huh!..if ever i win. i buy tickets by chance and by the way, i'm getting smarter, pushed my special someone to buy and he always write our names on it...if he wins, i get half of it.(lol)

Odette said...

if we all win, can we all come together and have a party?????

Mimi said...

It's so much fun to play what if!
I'd definitely pay off anything that my parents, in-laws, and siblings owe, give them some nice chunks of cash, pay for my kids educations, and buy a nice little vacation cottage in Monterey for my family. Hubby could buy whatever he likes, but I don't think that there is anything he wants more than to see our kids through college and living as responsible adults. Other than that, I'm fine!


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