Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What the hell is that?

I can’t help but noticed that almost everywhere I go, I am reminded that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Even my favorite online game is dishing out valentine loots!

Of course, I don’t hate everything about the holiday, because after all celebrating love is great. But I am so over seeing a nude kid taking aim at people with a crossbow, red heart and roses, chocolates of all shapes and sizes and many more.

And what is the logic of this large teddy bear that cast a bigger shadow than Shaquille O’Neal? Ok, I got it! An 8 foot bear will show how much you care! But it might also show that you haven’t thought where your special someone will store the enormous expression of your love. And what if she doesn’t like it? Duh!!

It’s very unlikely for this gift to be misplaced like an ugly piece of jewelry or unwanted perfume. Look guys, an eight-foot teddy bear will be part of a girl’s life until the relationship ends. Maybe even after the relationship is over, because that XXXL teddy could weigh a whopping 40 pounds!

See, Mega-teddy and Valentine’s Day are a lot alike. They’re both bigger than they need to be, they are designed to make money and very hard to ignore.

And neither is very romantic.

If you bring home flowers, jewelry or other gifts on an ordinary day, then you’ll be romantic. But on Valentine’s Day, your just fulfilling a duty.

Nuff said.


Angry American said...

I hope you didn't write this just to let a broke ass man off the hook on a holiday. Either way, the commercialism of valentines day has the same effect as it does on x-mas if you ask me.

That being said, I just know I'm gonna end up with lumps on my head when I forget to bring home flowers and candy every Feb 14th :(

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, there is to much marketing in this holiday now. Romantic to me is the small daily things that mean so much. But then how would corporations make money if they couldn't sell us more stuff. We live in a time where everything in our lives should mimic a magazine cover. Our families, our cars, our homes, our appearance, and even our holidays. Perhaps its our cultures desire to live like wealthy famous people. However, most people I know who focus on any one of these things too much are really unhappy, its never enough. People I know who place value on their families and people, are much happier. This takes much more work to do this day in and day out, but in the end I see more happiness in those who value stuff less and people more. So buying into the commercialization of every holiday just seems like another way for people to try to prove something, instead of really feeling something in their heart. But then again I don't want to sound like a total grinch. I think you can have a little fun with it, just like anything in life, not overboard. Making paper valentines with my kids the other day was more fun and gave us a project to do, and it didn't cost more than construction paper, time, and, love! I could make lots of fancy valentine decor on my own to show the spirit, or buy a bunch of junk, or spend some quality time with my kids. I'm happy with my choice. And when my husband cooks dinner on Valentines, like every night, I will lovingly appreciate how he helps me everyday in this busy life we have. That is definitely love! Have a great day!

Chicken Boys said...

Yeah, I hear that one! We don't really celebrate V Day, either. We might do a box of candies or a few flowers or something. Usually it's just a nice, better-than-normal meal together at home.

Sid Brechin said...

They had to change Cupid's description. After all as the Roman God of love and son of Venus and Adonis ( I think it was Adonis ) he was so handsome women couldn't help falling in love with him. I the legend when he falls in Love with Psyche, he makes sure she never sees him because he does not want to be loved for his looks ( sound vaugely familiar ladies ). One night out under pressure from her two sisters she lights a candle to look at him sleeping but is so amazed she allows three drips of wax to fall on his chest. He wakes and due to some sort of deal with his mother. Has to fly away and leave her.

Maybe Stella is better at remebering the ending than I. Her mind holds much more on Greek myths legends and history than mine does.

I've been accused of being a walking encyclopedia but there are still people I check with. If it's light my Brother George, If it is anything to do with Greece Stella.

To bad she doesn't write a blog herself. It wouldn't be as stupidly male as mine but very feminine I am sure. However like mine you would find yourself going. I didn't know that.

Mimi said...

So how do you feel about St. Patrick's Day?

Sid Brechin said...


St Patrick's Day also known as international Drunken Irishman day is a holiday you are only aware you enjoyed it if you can't remember it.

Also on that day remember that the medical definition of an Irishman is " A device for converting beer into urine "

Odette said...

you don't have to bring anything. just cook a nice dinner like Anon's hubby for that would mean more... i could open the gift afterwards, haha!

Odette said...

i don't know how you celebrate St. Patrick's day. is the the day people get crazy drunk?

stella said...

Hi Odette,
Valentine's Day went to being considered "corny" at the end of the existentialist era[after Sartre's influence] and is now back in full swing I see.To answer Sid as to how the story and myth of Cupid and Psyche is at the end after every tribulation in the book Zeus summons a council on Mt. Olympos & gives permission for the two to live happily ever after...
But since this is Odette's blog Odette and I know the secret other ending to the myth; that they lived well knowing and partaking of the ambrosia Zeus gave them but we lived better.If it is love I wish it upon everyone abundantly.

Odette said...

i didn't know this story! now i have an urge to search for it as it sounds interesting. i agree with Sid, you should be writing a blog coz we will learn a lot from you.

bad penny said...

It really is the small gestures of genuine love that count.

A male friend of mine who hates Valentine's day said when he found out that it was also my birthday, " Now I have a reason to like Valentine's day - its your birthday "

I thought that was one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me !


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