Monday, July 6, 2009

Sleeping with a smile.

They say that starting the day with a smile, could set the mood for our day. How about going to bed with a smile? Yeah, why not! It would be comforting to drift off to sleep in calm, happy mood. I bet it would make getting up with a smile easier too.

But then how does one go to bed smiling? Hmm…that will depend on what activities happen right before our bedtime, right? It’ll differ from person to person, but here’s what I’ve learned so far:

I don’t watch the news before bedtime. Keeping updated on current events is good, but I’ve found that all the bad news I watch keep me up late at night. I end up talking about what I watch, share my worries and think about the awful realities lurking in the city. Not all news is bad, but when the bedroom light is turned off, my imagination works overtime. And so I avoid watching the news.

I also avoid watching movies or reading books that are too heavy or too scary. The degree of a movie’s heaviness or scariness varies from person to person. The thing is they can keep the wheels in our head turning and turning... again, our imagination works overtime. That’s what happens to me anyway. Or maybe I’m just a scaredy cat!!

We shouldn’t go to bed angry with anyone, even with our self. If it seems impossible, I try to park my emotions for tomorrow and recharge for the night. Who knows, the night may cool my head and tomorrow will be a better time to patch things up. It’s always nice to go to bed knowing everything will work out tomorrow.

I say a prayer of thanksgiving. I make a mental list of the good things that happened to me today. I say “thank you” for each one of them. Of course, remembering the day’s happy times can definitely put us in a happier, calmer mood.

I do some light stretches and lunges before going to bed. I rotate my shoulders, move my head from side to side, and take deep breaths. Releasing my body of the day’s tensions can make me feel much lighter and happier as I climb into bed.

That’s it! When we go to bed with a smile, the day seems so much better than it is . We’d realize the day wasn’t so bad at all.

How about you? What gives you a happy snooze?


Tracey said...


LOL. Hows your son? Amy said he came home poorly.


Odette said...

Hahaha! you goof! i know you barely sleep and yet you always wake up with a smile, how did you do that????
cedric is still running a temperature, but he seems a lot better today than last night. yeah i hope he gets well soon.


Watching a good comedy before bed puts one in a delightful mood:)
Oh I hope your son is better today!!!
P.S I put up some light hearted stuff today:)

Angry American said...

Happy AND sleep? Together? :O

Those two things never happen at the same time for me. I think it's been almost 30 years since they have.

Next question please? :D

Odette said...

yeah getting a good laugh before bedtime will leave a plastered smile on your face. thinking of joker!
hey, your post is always interesting in whatever mood!!

Odette said...

i don't have one yet, but i'll come up with one soon, ok? meanwhile, stop dozing off!
damn, you just smeared your pillow with your drool...!!!!

Mimi said...

HI Odette,
I'm usually so sleepy by bedtime that just seeing the bed makes me happy. I do sit outside and unwind before bedtime. It's quiet and cool and I find it to be very relaxing. I hope your son is feeling better.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Mimi

Sid Brechin said...

What you said about the news I carry to a much greater extreme. I find the news is so often composed of a Bovine diet by-product which is good for flowers that I rarely watch it if ever. After all if it is real important it will show in the history books and even slightly interesting they will make a movie about it.

As to falling asleep with a smile. All over the world teenage boys fall asleep with a smile on their face and a sore arm. This training so when they grow up they can just roll over and go to sleep.


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