Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Change.

I don't know what to write about today, but reading Sid's post made me realize that this month also culminate my one year stay in this new apartment, in this neighborhood. It was a year ago today that me and the kids had moved in this house, we now consider our home.

Of course it wasn't easy as I have become accustomed to the sound and sights that is unique to my old house. The crowing of the cocks, the chiming of the clock in the living room, the sound of the front door slamming as one enters or leaves the house, the familiar sight of the things in my room when I wake up in the morning... etc.

It was a mix of excitement and apprehension as I do not know what lies ahead when I decided to make that step of moving to another place. I don't mind that I am moving to a smaller house, to a smaller subdivision and to a strange community I would try to fit in. It was a change I want. A change I need. For me it was the chance to start afresh, get rid of the past.

It was a whole new set of challenges. Yes "challenges" sounds optimistic rather than "issues or problems" as I was trying to look forward; getting a new kitchen, new broadband provider, new cable line, new couch and dining table. Yes I have to buy a lot of new stuff since I had sold all my furniture because they are too big and will not fit in this tiny apartment.

But the real challenge is getting the kids to school as we relocated far from their school. It took an hour a bit, on a good day, to get to their school. On a bad day, an hour and half. On a really bad day, two hours. And it just continue to get worse, as the volume on the roads has gradually increased and the road works are falling ever further behind. They just have to adjust, putting an hour early of bedtime so they can wake up early and beat the traffic.

So here we are now one year after. The place isn't a mess anymore. Boxes had been unpacked, rooms are done... and we have fit in. A new set of keys. A change.


Tracey said...

Happy first year anniversary Odette!
Theres still one piece of 'baggage' to be removed though!! ;)


There now that wasn't so hard hun. There is nothing in that post which makes us feel anything other than empathy for you, appreciation of your struggle and hope that things stay on the up for you!!!
LOve KIrst

Odette said...

Tracey, Kirst,
i really didn't mean to delete it. In fact, i went to bed knowing i had posted it last night!!!
i was surprised to see that it isn't here so i posted it as i still have it in "draft".I am sorry that it makes you worry thinking something could be wrong.
love ya both!!

Sid Brechin said...

When I saw the title the Change I thought oh NO!! she's writing about menopause. When it starts it can be really scary as it is much like pms. Problem is you can still get pms which makes it like pms on steroids! It's enough to give any man pause.

I heard they have drug now that can cause it to become permanent. The US is considering giving it to 100 female service women and paratrooping them into Iraq and pulling out the rest of the troops. The only thing holding them back is they don't want to completely level the place.

living_with_ba said...

Happy Anniversay!

Hopefully in just over a year I'll be making a similar post for my new house!

Tracey said...

LOL SID, I am menopausal, on HRT and could kill with one look! xxx

Sid Brechin said...

Tracey I have idea what HRT is but if it can treat the temper aspects of those conditions it mean hope mankind.

A comeback you can use if as result of the temper issues someone calls you the B word you can say " Not a B a W and the last person who called me that I turned into a Frog "

Amy said...

happy 1st year anniversary lol!

It will be our first year here on sept took me a while to get used to it, i love it but it is very quiet round these parts especially at night!

LOL Sid! :)

Love Amy xxxxxxxxxx

Odette said...

wow, that would save the government lot of dollars!! but take note that women on pms manifest extreme behavior, and they may just cause more problem than they previously perceived to eliminate!!!

Mar G said...

Happy 1st year anniversary Odette...Hope you have MANY more to come ;-)
Its been a year of change & challenges (some good & some bad) but you are all adjusting & continuing to look forward...Like me you are positive & keep battling on!
Keep smiling :-)

Sid - I'm menopausal too but NOT on HRT & like Tracey I can give a look that would scare 10 men! Lol x


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