Monday, July 20, 2009

The moon.

Yesterday, the world celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first successful moon landing. Although many still believe it was all a hoax, we could not deny the fact that it was historical. Every one was glued on their tv screen watching Neil Armstrong plant the American flag.

But I am not going to talk about it. I just want to talk about the moon and how it is, when the moon is over Manila...

Subtlety. This is the beauty of the moon. You can look at people without realy looking at them. The moon allows me to see at night, yet only what it wants me to see. It also allows me to think at a time when the mind is normally at rest.

He has always been up to his old trick. As usual he started small, growing bigger with each passing days and he showed off like I haven't seen in a long time. He was practically shameless. Heck, his icy coll light even brought us some of the finest weather ever felt in the city.

When the moon is over Manila, you could see this city in ways that you never thought possible. I find myself muttering quitely that the sprawling and teeming city actually for once, looked pretty and I dare say, charming. Somehow I found myself the recepient of warm and serene feelings towards my fellow citizen. Of course, I blame it on the moon. It is hanging like a 200-watt bulb in the dark sky, casting its net far and wide, affecting people all over Manila, in way subtle and mysterious.

Naturally, every mosquito in town came out to party. They held a full moon party, much to the chagrin of humans! The mosquitoes flew and bit and drank blood until they all passed out drunk. It's time like these, I would agree that mosquitoes in Manila tend to overdo it a bit.

But it wasn't their fault. They were merely reacting to a force greater than themselves. All over Manila, in everynook and crany, in every field and garden and wherever life existed, the moon worked its enchantment.

This isn't something that people really talk about. The moon is much too subtle for that. For a long time however, I will not be able to forget the night of the full moon over Manila.


Tracey said...

I love laying down just gazing at the moon and wonder who is looking at it the same time as me! X-X-X


sweetie I didnt see it :) wasn't born. However I do kind of agree with The conspiracy dudes(I am such a cynic)
The moon is gorgeous however. I like watching the satellites also they are normally the brightest closes looking star, weird how they perve down on us like lecherous men in black rain coats

Odette said...

the next time you are looking at the moon...think of me!!!

Odette said...

I am already seven years old and i cannot forget the name Armstrong, Collin and Aldrin. It seems it was all the people were talking about. it was among the test questionaire in school and we are in grade one then!!!

Angry American said...

I don't remember seeing any of the lumar landings. My dad told me he had me sitting on his lap while the family sat round the tv watching the first one in 69. I was only 1 yr old then. I'm ashamed to say that, back then, I never knew they went to the moon so many times. Each time taking different things to the moon and bringing home new samples. Some of which has been stolen.

I only remember my dad telling me once or twice, when I was about 4, that there are people up there when I pointed to the full moon. I do remember he used to watch CBS and hearing Concrite end each news cast with "...and that's the way it is...". I wish I had paid more attention so I could've watched my new, favorite ex-NASA insider Richard Hoagland. He was Concroite's NASA advisor back then.

P.S. If you wanna know what NASA and the U.S. gov has really been up to, check out Richard still has connections inside NASA and is always updated on all kinds of new yummy stuff they're hiding from us.

Cal said...

Lovely writing Odette. I'll think of the moon in a different light now - excuse the pun. I love it at this time of year when it is low and appears very large. I read this is just an allusion though. I have no idea how I followed the other blog - I am not very technical at all.
Cal x

Odette said...

and do you believe when you were little that there were people in the moon? i don't. coz i wonder how they live only at night, hahaha!

Odette said...

hello again! iam glad you found your way here. welcome and i hope you will come again and have a glimpse of my world in this part of the globe...

living_with_ba said...

I love moonlit nights, makes me feel closer to those who are far away but near to my heart...

Odette said...

hi joey,
are you done packing now? i wish i can help you...


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